This Is Where WeWork Founder And Billionaire, Adam Neumann Is Now

What happened after WeWork.
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These days, we’re well familiar with the phenomenon of co-working spaces. They’re dotted throughout major cities (and plenty of small ones, at that), their popularity having exploded throughout the 2010s. 

But what people might not know is the story of one of the phenomenon’s key pioneers: Adam Neumann. 

Indeed, the American-Israeli businessman created WeWork in 2010, opening the first eco-friendly coworking space in Brooklyn. In the years that followed, it would see its spaces expand to 77 cities across 23 countries. No small feat from one man’s idea. 

At its peak, WeWork was worth a whopping US$47 billion—an eye watering figure to Adam and his wife Rebekah—naturally, they didn’t want to stop there. 

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Along with a new way of remote and flexible working in WeWork spaces, Adam wanted to start a new way of life.

His ideas stemmed from co-living apartments, new communal areas, banks and schools where young students were taught “entrepreneurial superpowers”. 

But these prophet-like ideals weren’t popular with everyone. In 2019, he was ousted as the CEO as pressure from the company’s investors mounted. 

In new Apple TV+ series, WeCrashed the story of the Neumanns has revealed the ins and outs of their life—Jared Leto plays Adam while Anne Hathaway plays Rebekah.

As the series progresses, viewers are left wondering: Where is Adam Neumann now? 

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Where is Adam Neumann now?

Adam Neumann has gone from co-working spaces to property investment—and yes, he’s still very much a billionaire. 

Per Washington Street Journal, the businessman now has stakes in more than 4,000 apartments in Miami. 

Numerous reports also covered his 2021 purchase of a US $17 million retail space in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Are Adam and Rebekah Neumann still together?

Yes, Adam and Rebekah are still together today—they share six children, including twins. 

Despite leaving the WeWork umbrella, Rebekah bought back WeGrow, a school she designed as a subsidiary of WeWork where young children could engage in activities that would help them better connect with each other, and themselves. 

The company is now called Student of Life For Life, but at the time of writing, there are no major developments to the school. 

Did Adam Neumann ever go back to WeWork?

No, Neumann never returned to WeWork after he was ousted in 2019. As of 2022, his work largely revolves around property investment. 

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