“I’m A Podcast Convert And These Are The Channels That Converted Me”

Warning: You will become addicted

Confession time… There’s only two more months left of 2018 and I’m only just starting to get into podcasts. I know, I know, I’m literally the last person to jump on the bandwagon. But now I’m on it, I’m obsessed.

It all started when I discovered After Work Drinks co-hosted by Isabelle Truman, who I work with at Marie Claire. Her podcast is basically her and fashion editor Grace O’Neill “talking shit” over Friday night drinks, so naturally I had to tune in. Isabelle showed me the beauty of podcasts: you can listen to them anytime, anywhere while virtually doing anything.

Now that I’m officially a podcast expert, here are my top three picks…

1. The Teacher’s Pet


With over 17 million downloads, The Teacher’s Pet has quickly become one of the world’s most popular true-crime podcasts, and for good reason. This 14-episode mystery is narrated by Hedley Thomas who delves into the murder of Australian woman Lyn Dawson, who vanished from her Northern Beaches home more than 36 years ago. If, like me, you haven’t got into podcasts yet, this is where you should start. Podcastary at its finest.

Listen Here

2. After Work Drinks

I’ll admit I’m biased because I work with Isabelle, but after two episodes I am already obsessed with After Work Drinks (and with Isabelle in general). Yes, she’s really that funny and smart in real life, too. Debriefing on all things from Meghan Markle’s wardrobe choices to Brett Kavanaugh, Isabelle and Grace keep it real with their down-to-earth attitude and infectious humour. Whether you’re interested in politics or celebrity news, these ladies tackle it all. What’s not to love? You’ll be addicted after the first episode. Guaranteed.

Listen Here

3. Offline 

Hosted by award-winning journalist, Alison Rice, Offline is a series of raw and brutally honest discussions with some of Australia’s most-popular female influencers. The podcast exists “as a resource for women who are ready to look past social media’s highlight reel and develop their unique female codes” as Alison and her guests get candid about life on the other side of the camera. If you’ve ever watched one of Alison’s Instagram stories (which are basically make-shift beauty tutorials), you’ll know she’s all about honesty and authenticity.

Listen Here

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