All The Breathtaking Spanish Locations Where Netflix’s Viral New Series, ‘Alba’, Was Filmed

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Trigger warning: this article discusses sexual assault and violence and may be distressing to some readers.

It’s not often that a television show really stays with you, but Netflix’s dark Spanish language limited series, Alba is certainly one of those. 

The 13-episode series tells the story of a young woman named Alba (Elena Rivera) who wakes up on a beach having been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend’s friends—but she has no memory of it happening. The traumatic events lead to a chain of events which uncovers the troubling power of wealth and blackmail. 

The show’s popularity speaks for itself—in Australia, it catapulted into the the top 10 most-watched list within five days of its premiere, and it’s inching closer to the top spot by the day.

In the wake of watching the captivating show, it’s unsurprising that people got to wondering where exactly it was filmed. Stunning golden beaches and vibrant Spanish towns are seen throughout the series. Below, we unpack the filming locations of Alba. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Where was Alba filmed?

The show was predominantly filmed between Spain’s Alicante and Madrid in the second half of June 2020. 

Alba was adapted from the 2010 Turkish television series, titled Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, but instead of being set in Turkey, the 2022 version sees Alba returning to her coastal hometown in Spain after studying in Madrid.

That location in real life is the the Spanish municipality Finestrat, located in the Alicante provence.

The stunning seaside location sits right next to the Puig Campana mountain, and it has a small population of just over 6,000 people. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Another location seen in Alba is Bol Nou Beach, a stunning golden stretch of sand known for its calm waters. It’s located east of Spain, and is near the town of Villajoyosa.

You’ll also spot the cliffside location Serra Gelada Natural Park, which is near Benidorm. It’s best known for the scenic walks it offers. 

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What is Alba about?

Based on the Turkish novel by Vedat Türkali, Alba follows a female protagonist who is drugged and raped by four men who are friends of her boyfriend. After the attack, she wakes up on a beach with no memory of what happened other than the physical evidence of rape on her body.

As she pieces together what happened, she tries to convince local authorities of the crime, but she’s faced with troubling hurdles. One of the men who attacked her is from a rich family who use their power to hide the truth. Alba is blackmailed, lied to and faced with many set-backs, but she’s determined to find justice. 

The show has been labelled as “gut-wrenching” and “brutal” to watch, but its storyline is a confronting parallel to the gendered violence problem countries across the world, including Australia, face today. 

You can watch Alba on Netflix here—but it pays to note that some viewers may find the some of the content distressing. 

If you are experiencing sexual abuse or other unwanted behaviour, please contact Full Stop Australia, or call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).

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