The Reason Everyone Is In Japan Right Now

Your wallet might be feeling a little heavier...

If you’re not planning on taking a trip to Japan this year then perhaps you should be. For the first time in almost ten years, the Australian dollar has pushed above 100 Yen, meaning our humble currency can take you a lot further than it would have before.

While this is good news for anyone planning a trip, the Australian Financial Review reports the rate isn’t expected to hang around for long — so it’s time to get cracking on your plans.

“It’s pretty incredible because since the 1990s every time the Aussie-yen has gone up above 100, it’s ended up reversing pretty substantially lower soon after,” Convera currency strategist Steven Dooley told the publication. “It doesn’t tend to stick around for long. So if you want to summer in Tokyo, now might be the time.”

To help you make the most of your holiday abroad, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most unique Airbnb stays on the beautifully diverse islands of Japan. While you’ll have no trouble sorting out a stay in major cities like Tokyo, if you want a taste of Japan’s natural delights — or some idyllic rest and relaxation for yourself — consider a jaunt into the mountains and forests.

Stunning chalets, ryokans and even temple stays await.

Here are our picks.

The Best Airbnbs In Japan For Nature-Seeking Travellers

When it comes to choosing the right accommodation in Japan, there’s a huge variety to choose from.

From tiny capsule hotels in Tokyo to luxurious ski resorts and traditional country homes, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Below, we share the three Airbnbs we’d be booking for our next trip.

Airbnb countryside Japan.


Secluded Cabin In Nagano Japan

Best for: nature lovers

This gorgeous country cabin looks like its come straight from a Studio Ghibli film.

Located in a beautiful forest area of Lizuna, Nagano, the cabin offers access to a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, skiiing, and hot spring onsen baths.

With a cosy living quarters and a wood burning stove, its the perfect place to retreat to after exploring the area.

Key features:

  • Entire cabin
  • Wood burning stove
  • 20 minutes from railway station
The Best Japanese Airbnbs.


Illuminated Historical Buddhism Temple

Best for: authentic experience

Those wanting to experience life inside a traditional Buddhist monastery will appreciate a stay inside this extension of the Horinji Temple in the Chiyoda district of Gunma.

With a relaxed outdoor dining area with barbeques, as well as a lounge with TV and desk for digital nomads, this Airbnb strikes the balance between the Zen philosophy and modernity.

Key features:

  • Long-term stays allowed
  • Fast WIFI
  • Six beds
Japanese Airbnb.


Anoie Home With A Private Sauna

Best for: winter sports

Overlooking Lake Nojiri and the surrounding mountains with ski slopes just 15 minutes away, this home is the perfect base for winter sports enthusiasts.

Plus, with its own outdoor bath and sauna, your sore muscles are going to thank you.

Key features:

  • Six beds
  • Wood stove and fireplace
  • Outdoor bath and sauna

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