Meet The Cast of ‘Alone Australia’ Season 2

This season takes the 10 contestants to New Zealand's South Island.
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Extreme survival reality program Alone Australia is back for a second season.

Based on the U.S program of the same name, the show sees its brave contestants dropped alone in the wilderness with a limited amount of survival equipment. Isolated from the world and each other, each contestant is required to self-document their experiences with their own camera.

The goal is to see who can survive the longest, with the longest remaining contestant receiving a prize of $250,000. The others can choose to tap out when they have had enough, or in rare circumstances, may be forcibly removed if they fail a medical check.

The first season of Alone Australia saw its contestants take on the wild west coast of Tasmania in the middle of winter.

For season two, a new group of Australians will be dropped off in New Zealand’s wild South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu) to battle extreme weather, wild terrain and other challenging circumstances.

Below, we introduce you to the 10 new brave Australians taking on season two of Alone Australia.


Andreas is a 42-year-old personal trainer and subsistence hunter from New South Wales.

He began acquiring his outdoor skills as a child in Sweden and has dedicated himself to becoming an educated and ethical hunter since moving to Australia.

Andreas currently provides over 90% of the protein he and his partner consume through wild hunting and fishing.


Chace is a 27-year-old defence force combat engineer from Queensland.

His outdoor skills have come from a mix of military training and personal adventures in the wild.

Chace is also a practised big game hunter and he feels confident in his ability to sustain himself in the wilderness.


Jack is a 55-year-old tradesman and wild game hunter from New South Wales.

He’s a dad to two daughters and enjoys photography and videography.

Having been hunting and fishing alone since his family moved to Australia from Chile when he was a child, Jack isn’t new to being alone in the wild.


Jason is a 36-year-old youth worker and Jungai from New South Wales.

As a former rugby player and coach, Jason is well practiced on resilience.

A childhood spent camping, hunting and fishing and young adulthood spent learning from his Elders on his mother’s country of Borroloola has prepared Jason for the challenges of the competition.


Krzysztof is a 39-year-old aquaculturalist from Victoria.

Coming from a Polish refugee family, Krzysztof has rebellion and resilience in his genes.

He’s ready to use his recurve bow hunting abilities, understanding of fish behaviour, and determined stubbornness to win the competition.


Leanne is a 41-year-old World Heritage Aboriginal programs officer from Victoria.

As a proud Barkandji woman, Leanne spend her childhood developing her fishing and foraging skills with family On Country in Barkandji.

While she’s used to the dry red dirt, she’s ready to test her skills in the wet, dense rainforest of Aotearoa.


Mike is a 60-year-old resilience coach from New South Wales.

He is not only the oldest cast member of the season but a former Waratahs player and rugby union coach.

These days, he runs outdoor resilience coaching and mental toughness programming for boys, men and elite sports teams, is confident with his fishing abilities and with a bow and arrow.


Rick is a 58-year-old survival educator and former SAS soldier from Queensland.

This has given him experience in all forms of extreme survival, including snow and ice mountain warfare in caves and blizzards.

These days, Rick is a bushcraft survival educator with a strong interest in native plants and their Indigenous cultural uses.


Suzan is a 54-year-old wilderness adventure guide from Victoria.

She lives off-grid with her husband and two dogs, and possesses a wealth of knowledge on hunting, gathering, scavenging, shelter-making and plants.


Tamika is 51-year-old off-gridder and former police officer from Queensland.

She has lived sustainably for the last ten years and grows or forages more than half of the food consumed by her family.

As a vegetarian, Tamika’s toughest challenge will be hunting and killing an animal, however she is determined to embrace the experience.

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