We Have Our First Look At The ‘Married At First Sight’ Season 11 Cast

These are the couples who will be meeting at the altar in 2024.

Reality TV aficionados, unite. Our favourite chaotic dating show, Married At First Sight is imminently releasing season 11, and we can barely contain our excitement.

With season 10 still fresh in our minds, no doubt the latest iteration will be brimming with explosive dinner parties, emotional commitment ceremonies, and a healthy dose of drama sprinkled on top. 

So who is set to grace our screens in 2024?

Will we see the drama of Rupert and Evelyn replicated in season 11? (Credit: Image: @mafs)

An early sneak peek revealed several female contestants enjoying a cocktail party together. The Daily Mail also reported that the program will feature the “oldest ever groom”.

News of the Australian cast comes shortly after the UK branch of the series announced it had cast its first-ever transgender bride. Early this week, Married At First Sight UK released their lineup of brides. Among them was 29-year-old Ella, who’s described as a “blonde bombshell with a fiery personality” looking for “a king to match her queen energy.”

In her introduction video shared to the show’s Instagram page, Ella introduced herself as transgender, saying, “I was born a boy, I’ve transitioned. That’s why I’m very open-minded and just have a lot of fun because I’ve had such a shitty life.”

“I deserve love because I’ve gone through a lot as a person, and I feel like I deserve to be happy with someone who loves me for me and accepts me because I am fabulous,” she added.

Will the Australian franchise follow suit with this kind of diversity? Well, according to a statement from Channel Nine, we’re going to be seeing more diversity than previous seasons.

(Credit: Image: @mafs)

“Season 11 of Married at First Sight will bring a fresh take on the series with one of the most diverse cast of brides and grooms, a more age diverse mix including our oldest ever participant, and a same sex couple,” a statement from Nine read. “Together, these loveable, relatable, everyday couples will bare their souls in the name of love.”

Now that Channel 9 have released the names of the brides and grooms, we expect there to be one same sex couple, with just nine brides and 11 grooms on the line up.

Without further ado, here are the brides and grooms for this year’s cast of MAFS Australia.

Who Is Cast In MAFS Australia 2024?

Andrea, 51

Image: Nine

A photographer from Queensland, Andrea is described as ‘young-at-heart’. She’s a single mum with two adult children, who ended her previous relationship after realising she was being gaslit.

Cassandra, 30

Image: Nine

An administration officer from Queensland, Cassandra is outgoing, bubbly and social. After losing her first love in devastating circumstances, she’s struggled to find love since. She wants to meet someone family-oriented to raise a ‘small football team’ of kids with.

Instagram: @cassandraallen_

Eden, 28

Image: Nine

A recruitment manager from Queensland, Eden has been single for three years after her ex cheated on her with her best friend. She’s struggled with trust issues since and is fiercely independent. She wants to meet someone ambitious, generous and loyal.

Instagram: @edenharper

Ellie, 32

ellie-mafs (1)
Image: Nine

A registered nurse from Queensland, Ellie wants to meet someone with the same white picket fence ideals she has. Ellie is single after her ex-fiancé cheated on her, causing her to cancel the wedding just a month before the date.

Instagram: @elliedixoxo

Lauren, 31

lauren-mafs (2)
Image: Nine

A PR and marketing consultant from Western Australia, Lauren is known for her dry sense of humour and strong opinions. She wants a romance like her parents’, who have been married for 40 years. She’s been single for six months and is hoping to find a tall, dark, handsome man that can make her laugh.

Instagram: @so.cooked

Lucinda, 43

lucinda-mafs (3)
Image: Nine

A MC and wedding celebrant from New South Wales, Lucinda is a glass-half full kind of person who is sick of heartbreak and wants to find a partner to share life with. As a grounded ‘earth mama’ she wants to meet an open-minded man who is willing to be vulnerable.’

Instagram: @lucindaslight

Natalie, 32

natalie-mafs (4)
Image: Nine

A physiotherapist from Victoria, Natalie says she’s proud of being nerdy by nature. She’s a 5’1 pocket rocket who is looking for a family-oriented partner who is looking for lasting love.

Sara, 29

sara-mafs (5)
Image: Nine

A nutritionist from New South Wales, Sara is after a light haired pretty boy over a gym bro. She’s an open communicator but has a short fuse, and she worries that her honesty can sometimes come across too strong. She’s hoping the experiment will help her find ‘the one’.

Instagram: @sara.messy

Tori, 27

Image: Nine

A business development manager from Victoria, Tori refers to herself as a ‘bulldog’ who is fiercely independent. She’s looking for an alpha male who is not intimidated by a strong woman, although she admits she can be a little picky about what she wants.

Ben, 39

Image: Nine

A tour guide from New South Wales, Ben had to change jobs during covid and has been feeling lost working in construction. Having been constantly on tour it was hard to meet ‘the one’ and he says he finds dating exhausting. He’s been in love before, and wants to find it again.

Instagram: @walters_tours

Collins, 28

Image: Nine

An executive assistant from New South Wales, Collins is a chatterbox who enjoys being quirky. He doesn’t have much experience in the romance department, but he sees himself as a genuine and kind person with a lot of love to give.

Instagram: @collins_christian_

Jack, 34

Image: Nine

A personal trainer from Queensland, Jack describes himself as an alpha male who needs a partner that can respect his dominance. Struggling with OCD, he lives a structured life and wants a partner who can fit in, as well as being glamourous and ideally brunette.

Instagram: @junk_dunkley

Jayden, 26

Image: Nine

A professional kickboxer from Queensland and brother to MAFS Season 9’s Mitch Eynaud, Jayden says he’s nothing like his brother. He’s disciplined and ovbsessive and always working, so has had little time for love. He says he can be misunderstood as an ‘F Boy’, but wants a fit, ambitious and independent partner to settle down with.

Instagram: @jaydeneynaud.kickboxer

Jonathan, 39

Image: Nine

A health business owner from New South Wales, Jono has had many jobs over the years. He quit his job as a financial advisor following the breakdown of his last relationship and went travelling for 15 months. Unlucky in love, he is keen to become a father and meet someone as motivated as he is.

Michael, 34

Image: Nine

A salesperson from Victoria, Michael is bold about what he believes in and will do anything for those he loves. Growing up in the US he had a had childhood, he says he can struggle to let his walls down when it comes to romance. Michael wants to meet someone tall, dark and handsome who can match his confidence and family values.

Richard, 62

Image: Nine

A motivational speaker from New South Wales, Richard left his wife of 27 years because there was no longer a ‘spark’. He since dated a woman 27 years his junior but it ended as he didn’t want to have children. He wants to meet a woman who fits these criteria and has a zest for life.

Instagram: @the_brand_guy

Timothy, 51

timothymafs (1)
Image: Nine

A business owner from Victoria, Timothy has the ‘gift of the gab’ and is social and outgoing. A bit of a Peter Pan, he has had his walls up since his last relationship ended six years ago. He wants to meet a good person with a flexible, fun nature.

Tim, 30

Image: Nine

A online business owner from Queensland, Tim is a surfer boy who is laidback and easy to get on with. He has big financial goals but had his heart broken when his ex cheated on him. He wants to find a funny, emotionally stable partner who is a great conversationalist.

Instagram: @timcalwell

Tristan, 29

tristan-mafs (2)
Image: Nine

An event manager from New South Wales, Tristan is confident, funny and adventurous but has trouble getting out of the friend zone. He was raised by a single mum and his last relationship went badly, making him feel nervous to date again. Passionate about his career, he is ready to focus on someone else, wanting simply to be loved.

Simon, 39

Image: Nine

A marketing manager from South Australia, Simon was married until his 30th birthday when he chose to be honest with himself and come out as gay.

He has a great relationship with his ex-wife and teenage son, and is looking for someone to share a connection with. He’s ready to marry again, and this time, with a man he can spend his life with.

Watch The MAFS Australia 2024 Teaser

When Does MAFS Australia 2024 Air?

We don’t have long to wait for the new season of MAFS—season 11 will air on Monday, January 29 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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