Everything We Know About A Possible Second Season Of ‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’

It was popular enough to bump 'Bridgerton' from Netflix's top spot.
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Warning: The following article contains major spoilers for Anatomy of a Scandal. 

As the sixth episode of Netflix’s viral new series, Anatomy of a Scandal came to a close, another chapter was opened. It got everyone wondering, will there be a season two? 

The psychological thriller, which centres on a scandalous court case involving a high profile politician, was filled with major twists. Eventually, most questions were answered—but there was one particular character whose story didn’t quite get its closure.

Michelle Dockery, who played prosecutor Kate Woodcroft has now discussed exactly what might come next for the ambitious lawyer. Here, everything we know about the second season of Anatomy of a Scandal. 

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Will there be a season 2 of Anatomy of a Scandal

At the time of writing, Anatomy of a Scandal has not been renewed for a second season. That said, Deadline reports that the show was originally pitched as an anthology series, meaning that each season would focus on a different crime. Think The Sinner or Broadchurch. This means that certain key characters might return, but those central to actions of the crime will not. 

And we’re confident Netflix will give Anatomy of a Scandal a second season due it’s popularity alone. Mere days after it dropped, the series bumped Bridgerton from the streaming platform’s top spot (after a near two month streak, no less).

(Credit: Netflix)

What will happen in season 2? 

The first season ended with James (Rupert Friend) winning his case, but he wasn’t let off that easily. His wife Sophie (Sienna Miller) reports him for covering up the death of his friend at Oxford University, meaning another major court case looms. 

The biggest twist of all however comes when we discover that Kate Woodcroft formerly went by a different name, and was assaulted by James in the mid 1990s. It certainly leaves the viewer hanging as to what could come next for both Kate and the married couple. 

In an interview with TODAY following the series’ release, Sienna Miller hinted that the second instalment could focus on Dockery‘s character: “The series ends with the door slightly ajar, certainly for Michelle Dockery’s part. What’s that next case that she’ll be prosecuting?” 

“It definitely feels like there’s momentum at the end that could potentially lead into something else,” Dockery added. 

In the series, Kate was a prosecutor in James’ case, meaning she wouldn’t be allowed by law to prosecute his second trial—so does that mean mean both Sophie and James’ story is over, while Kate’s could be further explored? We guess we’ll have to wait for season two to find out.

When will the second season be released? 

If season two gets the green light within the next few weeks, it’s release will likely follow around a year later. 

In general, mini-series can take around 12 months between pre and post-production, so fingers crossed for a 2023 release. 

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