The Stunning Real Life Filming Locations Seen In ‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’

From London, and beyond.
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There’s  a lot to like about Anatomy of a Scandal. From its gripping narrative to Sienna Miller’s perfect, autumnal costuming, the six-part series has the world hooked. But there’s another reason why the show is so damn watchable—its stunning locations.

There’s something about films and television series that are set in London. The busy, bustling atmosphere combined with its stunning historic landmarks, and that cosy feeling you get seeing everyone wrapped up in coats—thank the UK’s perpetually turbulent climate for that—Anatomy of a Scandal nails the brief to a tee. 

There’s also scenes set in the British countryside, as well as a bunch of flashbacks to Oxford University. Essentially, it’s a tour of England through the eyes of high society. The plot follows Sophie Whitehouse, the wife of a high profile British politician who finds himself at the centre of a sex scandal. The ensuing court case and its revelations threaten to his family apart, as well as bring down the Tory Westminster government. 

Intrigued and wanting to know more? Here, we look at the exact filming locations seen in the series. 

(Credit: Netflix)

The London scenes 

Real locations across London were utilised to get a proper feel for England’s capital. They included The Old Bailey, the outside of The House of Commons and, of course, a backdrop of the London Eye.

Scenes set inside The House of Commons, however, actually took place in two different locations—Charter House School in Surrey and John Rylands Library in Manchester, according to Metro

Per Netflix LifeShepperton Studios in Surrey, England provided the main studio stages. These were used for some of the trickier, intricate scenes which requiring silence and adequate space. 

(Credit: Netflix)

The Oxford scenes

Surprisingly, the flashback scenes of James when he attended Oxford University weren’t actually filmed at the real life school. Instead, Winchester College, located in Hampshire, south east of England, proved a convincing stand-in for the prestigious public school the future politician attended. 

Locations from the scenes that were filmed in Oxford included New College Lane, which is a well-known landmark in central Oxford. It’s named after one of the older Oxford colleges.

Wadham College of Oxford can also be seen—its grand façade makes an impressive backdrop.

You can also spot the narrow Brasenose Lane, a pedestrian-only street located in central Oxford.

Radcliffe Square, surrounded by historic university and college buildings is also seen. 

A shot of Brasenose Lane in central Oxford, where ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ was filmed.

James’ parents house 

At the time of writing, Netflix has not disclosed the exact location of where James’ parent’s countryside home was filmed, though its vast landscape and sprawling fields certainly suggest it’s somewhere very far away from London. 

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(Credit: Netflix)

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