These 100-Year-Old Baby Names Are Predicted To Make A Comeback

Take a trip down memory lane.

Much like low-rise jeans, bucket hats and scrunchies, the cycle of trends has a way of coming back to us again. 

And now, in a move against the Apple Martins and the North Wests of the world, many parents are bucking the trend and opting for traditional names.

Dont believe us? It’s called the ‘Hundred Year Rule’, the theory that baby names take about 100 years to shed their ‘old man’ / ‘old lady’ reputations and start to be rediscovered by parents. Popular baby name inspiration website Nameberry has rounded out the most popular baby names from 2023 they reckon are ripe for a comback — and ones which aren’t even in the top 1000 baby names today.

If you’re looking for a unique baby name — something to distinguish your child from the Theodores and Amelias of today — then read on.

Below, the best baby names from 1923.


Agnes (#63)

Betty (#5)

Ida (#68)

Lois (#27)

Marjorie (#16)

Minnie (#99)

Pauline (#37)

Phyllis (#45)

Rita (#50)

Viola (#79)


Bernard (#46)

Cecil (#87)

Chester (#63)

Clarence (#29)

Dale (#90)

Elmer (#57)

Ernest (#38)

Floyd (#64)

Milton (#81)

Ralph (#23)

Virgil (#100)

See the full list here.

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