Behold, Every Jaw-Dropping Geek Makeover On ‘Beauty and the Geek’ 2022

Night and day.

Since the dawn of time, there’s nothing more exciting in film and TV than a makeover sequence—and Beauty and the Geek is up there with the best of them.

There’s something about seeing someone burst with confidence after a few subtle, and easy to manage, aesthetic changes. Of course, a transformation is never necessary and should be kept to encouraging self care methods and grooming rather than making life-changing personal changes. Saying this, the current season of Beauty and the Geek has been the perfect example of confidence-boosting change, with every makeover dropping the beauties’ jaws.

Long being the reality TV show‘s most popular episodes, the transformations have seen the most insecure and nervous Geeks turn into right swipe-worthy hunks, with the entire experience clearly helping them to see the world (and themselves) differently.

So, if you’ve missed any of the makeovers or just want to relive some of the most fun episodes in the series, we’ve rounded up every Beauty and the Geek 2022 transformation, below.


Beauty and the Geek

The first Geek to receive the highly-anticipated makeover was Mike. The 20-year-old Batman enthusiast from Queensland began the show sporting a scruffy beard, unkept locks and a dedication for graphic T-shirts (which there is nothing wrong with).

Naturally, the Beauties were over the moon to see the new Mike, so when he stepped out from behind the makeover doors, audible gasps and shocked screams filled the air. Now, Mike sports a trimmed beard leaving behind some neat stubble, and his hair was cut with short sides and a longer crown.

And of course, his fashion got an upgrade. Mike looked dashing in a blue and white pinstripe shirt, paired with a white singlet top underneath and a dark grey suit.

“I’ve never actually been called hot before. But I’m feeling it now,” Mike told producers after the big reveal.


Beauty and the Geek

Following Mike, the next to fall prey to the transformation timeline was Chris.

The software engineer and Japanese card game enthusiast has always been compared to Mick Jagger, thanks to his messy hair and full, front fringe which he says he liked to “hide behind”.

He was nervous to undergo the transformation, sharing that he struggled with his self-worth throughout the years. But he knew the makeover would spike his confidence. 

After getting a fresh, short haircut and a wardrobe overhaul, Chris looked like a completely new man. When he appeared out of the makeover den, the Beauties were floored, especially Bri.

“You look so good,” she said as she wiped away tears. “I was speechless, I was actually lost for words.”

“It’s bizarre to receive so much praise and support in such a short time,” he shared on Instagram. “But it feels really good to finally step out and see such a positive reaction from these amazing, beautiful people that I’m sharing this experience with.”


Beauty and the Geek

Kicking off the final week of the competition show, the rest of the Geeks get their well-earned makeovers. And the first off the final rank is Jason.

Not only is Jason a talented musician, but the 29-year-old has also described himself as a shy guy and self-confessed “hermit”, making this transformation all the more important.

As the elevator doors open, there are plenty of excited screams and even some tears as he showed off his new look. The new Jason is complete with a fresh haircut, with cropped sides and length on the crown, as well as a clean shaven face. And when it came to his outfit, he sported a short-sleeved button down shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, showing off his toned arms that we never knew existed.

“When I saw myself in the mirror, I didn’t recognise myself. I saw someone new and I couldn’t believe who I was looking at, it was really wild,” he said of his makeover, to which Emily said, “I was actually picturing what our babies would look like, I have the hots for Jason.” 


Beauty and the Geek

Next up was Aaron, our resident train lover, who revealed that he’s always battled with his self-confidence, particularly after an accident saw his front teeth need to be replaced with partial dentures.

So, when the elevator doors open up and the Beauties were blown away by his new look, the audience waited with bated breath for how Aaron felt about his glow up.

Losing his shaggy ‘do, his cropped hair cut shows off his strong facial structure, and a new pair of modern glasses elevated his look. Taking a fashion-forward twist on his previous wardrobe, Aaron now sports a sky blue button down with a nautically striped top beneath.

When he saw himself in the mirror for the first time since his transformation, Aaron was understandably speechless.

“I’ve never felt so attractive and sexy ever,” he admitted. “I might have to do some modelling soon.”

Karly, she’s in tears and shared that she thinks Aaron looks “so sexy” and “amazing”.


Beauty and the Geek

For Anthony, the digital content director has always been shy around new people, which is why it’s easy for him to retreat into his love for Harry Potter. Wanting to learn more about himself and find the confidence that high school bullies took from him, his and Tegan’s friendship has been nothing but beneficial for him.

When it came time for his makeover, the elevator doors opened and Tegan could barely stay in her seat, with the Beauties all screaming and applauding his new look.

“He looked good and just stylish. He looked like a bad boy, rich sugar daddy,” Tegan joked.

An elevated take on his original look, the new Anthony dons a clean shaven face, contacts to bid his glasses adieu and he wore a beige suit jacket with a chic polo underneath.

Unable to wipe the smile off his face, he admitted that his makeover has left him feeling “handsome”.


Beauty and the Geek

And finally, it was Michael’s turn. The part-time children’s party entertainer and part-time crypto trader was long overdue for a transformation.

As Michael walked out of the elevator, the room erupted in applause and shock, with Tara so overcome with emotion that she ran over and planted a kiss on him in front of everyone.

Losing his shaggy hair cut, his cropped new ‘do still sports his side fringe but loses the facial hair for a cool-guy update. He also donned a beige jacket with a white shirt underneath, both rolled at the sleeves.

“You look amazing,” Tara told him. “I fell for you before all of this and we’ve grown so much together, but this is definitely like a cherry on top.”

“I felt really appreciated,” Michael told 9Entertainment about the kiss. “There were so many people on the other side of that door when I came out that I was excited for them to see my reaction, but none more so than Tara.” 

“When she ran up and gave me that kiss and a nice warm hug, it was the embodiment of how far we’d made it, embodiment of our journey together.”

Be sure to check out the season finale of Beauty and the Geek 2022 on August 3 at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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