The 30 Best Careers For Women

From high paying jobs to the ones guaranteed to give you career satisfaction

Following your passion is a huge step towards having a career that doesn’t feel like work. But, as you get older, you realise how important it is to be set up financially for the future. With the gender pay gap still a very real concern (in Australia, it is now 14.6 per cent), it’s important to be aware of which careers are the best for women and which high paying jobs are worth looking into. 

Whether you’re still at school and trying to figure out what to study, or you’re looking at changing careers, we’ve listed the best careers for women. 

The highest paying jobs for women:

According to the latest Australian Taxation Office data, these are the 20 highest paid jobs for women – however, don’t think that means they’re the jobs where women make more than men. Female neurosurgeons get paid $253,992 less than their male counterparts despite being the second-highest-paid professional women.

Judge — law, $355,844

Neurosurgeon, $323,682

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, $281,608

Futures trader, $281,600

Vascular surgeon, $271,529

Gynaecologist; Obstetrician, $264,628

Gastroenterologist, $260,925

Magistrate, $260,161

Anaesthetist, $243,582

Ophthalmologist, $217,242

Cardiologist, $215,920

Urologist, $213,094

Surgeon — general, $210,796

Medical oncologist, $208,612

Specialist physicians — other, $207,599

Specialist physician — general medicine, $207,225

Otorhinolaryngologist, $200,136

Dermatologist, $195,030

Diagnostic and interventional radiologist, $180,695

Cardiothoracic surgeon, $175,500


Jobs women are excelling at: 

Below are the jobs that provide women with job satisfaction, career advancement and a competitive salary.

Marketing and PR, $71,000

Event management, $80,000

Entrepreneurship, unlimited

Management, $175,000

Traditional trades and the armed forces, $64,000 – $91,000

Information and communications technology, $125,000

Human resources, $88,000

Creative industries, unlimited

Land and environment, $87,000

Healthcare, $70,000 

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