The Best True Crime Podcasts Of 2021 That Promise To Terrify And Entertain You

There’s nothing like a good scare.

True crime is one of those genres you can never get too much of. While they can be terrifying, they’re also incredibly fascinating and an unsettling reminder that you can never really know what someone is thinking. 

The true crime podcasting world, however, is a double edged-sword, because while there’s no shortage of content to consume, it also makes it tricky to figure out what is and isn’t worth listening to. 

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best podcasts of 2021 that are undoubtedly worth your precious ear time. From high-profile serial killers to mysterious celebrity deaths and spooky hauntings, these poddies have it all (and then some). 

Below, the best true crime podcasts of 2021 to hook into your ears immediately. 

Unravel True Crime: Juanita

The latest from ABC true crime podcast Unravel, this series delves into the mysterious disappearance of Juanita Nielsen – a journalist and activist from Sydney’s Kings Cross area in the 1970s.

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My Favourite Murder

An award-winning podcast which somehow combines gruesome murder cases with comedic banter, and makes it work. 

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Something Was Wrong 

This immersive podcast series is all about abusive relationships and shocking real-life discoveries. If you’ve ever been involved with someone and felt that something wasn’t quite right, you’ll find this incredibly interesting. 

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The Dating Game Killer

A serial killer wins a popular dating show while he’s in the middle of a cross-country murder spree. Sounds insane, right? Yep, and incredibly bingeable. 

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Death Of A Starlet

Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten is found dead at 20. Three men are at the centre of the investigation (one of whom is Hugh Hefner), but only one of them is guilty. Who murdered this young woman at the height of her career, and why?

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To Catch And Kill With Ronan Farrow 

If you’re looking to learn more about the Harvey Weinstein takedown from the people who actually made it happen, this podcast is the one for you. Binge is about to release a documentary inspired by the podcast, so be sure to give it a listen ahead of the release. (To make sure you get first access to the documentary, be sure to sign up for Binge here.

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This Is Actually Happening 

What if your mum left you to join a cult? Or if you woke up one day in a morgue? It sounds insane, but these things have actually happened to people. This series uncovers how the hell it happens. 

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True Crime & Cocktails 

Are you obsessed with mysterious celebrity deaths? If so, give this series a listen. From Kurt Cobain to Brittany Murphy, this is the pop culture meets true crime collaboration of your dreams. 

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Dr Death 

Doctors are among some of the most trusted members of society, but some of them put our lives directly in danger. Dr Christopher Duntsch was one of those people. The series is also dropping on Stan on July 16, so you’ll want to be in the know before then. 

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This podcast takes a wide lens approach to true crime, covering things like hauntings, possessions and disturbing mysteries. If you’re looking to shake things up outside of the cut-and-dry murder cases, give this one a listen. 

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Australian True Crime 

This podcast takes you behind the news cycle to uncover not only how people become killers, but how certain people become killers as well. 

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Crime Junkie 

With 200 episodes in their repertoire, this is your ultimate true crime fix. From big name serial killers like the Claremont Killer to bizarre cases you’ve never heard of (read: Tent Girl), this series has it all (and then some). 

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Anatomy Of Murder

Murder cases have many layers, and to understand it, you need to dissect each part. This podcast is special as it gives insider commentary from a victim’s family member, the prosecutor or a member of law enforcement who was directly involved in the case. If you love  behind-the-scenes information, give it a listen. 

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Sword & Scale 

If you love nothing more than diving into the nitty gritty details of true crime, look no further than this podcast. Taking you inside the twisted minds of killers, this is a truly immersive listening experience which proves that the worst monsters are real. 

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