The Best Australian Podcasts, From True Crime To Pop Culture

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Australian podcasts have had a real moment over the last couple of years. Was it Teacher’s Pet that started the wave of Aussie-made pods? Or the rise of female-led podcasts like Shameless and Mamamia: Out Loud that spurred Australians into the podcasting industry?

Whatever the case, there are loads of excellent Australian podcasts in the market now, covering everything from true crime stories to parenting, dating to history. We’ve rounded up our favourites if you’re looking for something new to listen to.

You’re Doing Great Sweetie!

If you’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Josie and Mel are 30-somethings leading messy, complicated lives who aren’t afraid to be honest about the ups and downs, from disappearing libidos to online shopping addictions. It’s like an audio hug for the soul.

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It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield

Ex-Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has turned herself into one of Australia’s best podcast hosts, fronting this show – which covers everything from modern dating to feminism – for the last couple of years and building up a loyal fanbase. She’s irreverent and outspoken – and you’ll want to be her best friend.

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Jeans And A Nice Top

Want more modern dating? This Australian podcast by writers Ashleigh Austen and Melissa Mason covers everything from first date nerves to text etiquette – oh, and of course heartache, which the two hosts have experienced in spades (and have plenty of advice on what NOT to do). 

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Sure, you’ve heard of Teacher’s Pet – but Bowraville, an investigative true crime podcast by reporter Dan Box, was really the first true crime podcast in Australia to make waves. It spawned new court proceedings and brought light to a lesser-known cold case involving three Indigenous children who were found dead around the NSW town.

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Life Uncut

Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne may have “appearing on The Bachelor” in common, but their podcast is way more than Bachie talk. While they have some great intel when Bachelor season rolls around, they also are just such an enjoyable listen – down to Earth, funny, and super relatable. 

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Search Engine Sex

A genius concept from Spotify and host Rowdie Walden, Search Engine Sex covers all the bedroom-related stuff you love to Google, except in podcast form. Think everything from pleasurable sex to the intricacies of relationships.

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After Work Drinks

If you love analysing a mix of both hard news and pop culture, After Work Drinks is for you. Hosts Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neill are Australian journalists living overseas, who meet for a chat about all the happenings in news during the week.

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The Zest Is History

If you’re more of a story-telling podcast person, The Zest Is History is right up your alley. Each week, hosts Josie Rozenberg-Clarke and Melissa Mason (of All Aussie Mystery hour fame, if you’re a true crime buff) tell each other a wild tale from Australian history. Politics, murder, supernatural, bushrangers – it’s all covered here.

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Thin Black Line

The latest true crime podcast from Allan Clarke, a Walkley Award-winning ABC journalist and proud Muruwari man who was also behind the Unravel series, Blood on The Tracks – this podcast looks at the tragic 1993 death in custody of Aboriginal teenager Daniel Yock. 

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Always Was, Always Will Be Our Stories

Marlee Silva is one half of the Tiddas 4 Tiddas podcast alongside her sister Keely, but branched out this year with this independent podcast. She talks with Indigenous Australians she considers role models and trailblazers, with each in a dedicated episode.

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That Beauty Podcast

Love all things makeup and skincare? That Beauty Podcast, by beauty editors Carli Alman and Bettina Tyrell, harnesses the expertise of industry heavyweights to school you on everything from maintaining your blonde to achieving the perfect base.

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Tough Love

Ex-Triple J talent Linda Marigliano’s new podcast is a look at her own life and personal ups and downs, while also dishing out sage advice – sometimes learned the hard way.

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Relate & Meditate

If you’re someone who struggles to wind down, this podcast is for you. Designed to calm even the busiest of minds, expect deep chats with some fantastic talent, plus mini meditations that you can use for hyper-specific scenarios, like “feeling like an impostor”. 

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