Our All-Time Favourite Podcasts Made By Women For Women

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What’s better than a good podcast? A good podcast made by women for women, obviously.

Whether you’re looking to listen to an insightful conversation on politics, or a gritty discourse on true crime, there is nothing quite like hearing from other ladies that is sure to keep you at ease, and well-informed at the same time. After all, don’t men get enough air-time?

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of our all-time favourites for your listening pleasure.


Sentimental Garbage

Created by Irish writer Caroline O’Donoghue, Sentimental Garbage is slated as “justice for dumb women” and is about the “culture we love that society can sometimes make us feel ashamed of”. This includes everything from Barbie, to Twilight, to noughties fashion and the films of Nora Ephron. Fans will most likely have fond memories of its limited spin-off episodes, ‘Sentimental And The City’, the Sex And The City deconstruction, which Caroline co-hosted with her friend, British journalist, writer and The High Low podcaster, Dolly Alderton. It’s a must-listen.

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You’re Doing Great Sweetie!

If you’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Josie and Mel are 30-somethings leading messy, complicated lives who aren’t afraid to be honest about the ups and downs, from disappearing libidos to online shopping addictions. It’s like an audio hug for the soul.

Listen here.

After Work Drinks

Isabelle Truman and her journo bestie Grace O’Neill debrief on the week’s most topical topics, over a glass of pinot noir. They’re not afraid to tackle the big issues: the #MeToo anniversary, female anger and Blake Lively’s power suits. Listening to their podcast is like catching up with the girls over a bottle of wine or three – except you can do it at 7:00am on a Monday on your way to work. Even better.

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Who Asked Her

Papua New Guinea’s first feminist podcast is a fascinating listen. Covering everything from cultural appropriation to toxic masculinity, host Elvina Ogil is starting important conversations about the issues that matter in the Pacific. When we spoke to her, Ogil said, “[The podcast] is about broadening our view of Papua New Guinean women.” Tune in for the interesting topics, stay for the intellectual banter.

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Three Dumplings

We’ve all (hopefully) seen Crazy, Rich, Asians but what about what it’s like to be an everyday (potentially not as rich) Asian woman in 2018? Hosted by Hannah-Rose Yee, Peony Lim and Kit Lee, Three Dumplings covers everything from what it’s like being mixed race, to dating and of course, the best kind of dumplings.

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Melbourne journalists Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews call Shameless the podcast for ‘smart women who love dumb stuff.’ Covering everything Aussie women are (sometimes secretly) obsessed with, such as the Kardashians, The Bachelor and Justin Bieber, it’s no wonder Shameless has swiftly become one of the country’s most beloved weekly segments.

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the zest is history

The Zest Is History

Who doesn’t love a good tale from history? Even better when it’s being discussed by two hilarious Australian women – Melissa Mason and Josie Rozenberg-Clarke, who tell each other Aussie historical tales with around 75% research (and plenty of wine).

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Within 24 hours of releasing their first episode, Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, the Melbourne-based best friends behind cult fitness program Keep It Cleaner, have already topped the charts as the most popular podcast in the country. Covering all issues surrounding young women today – from health and wellness to friendships and relationships, KIC POD is (already) making waves worldwide – and for good reason. 

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jeans and a nice top

Jeans And A Nice Top

Dating is tough, but it’s also a wild ride that can be pretty enjoyable if you don’t get too caught up in the heartbreak. Hosts Melissa Mason and Ashleigh Austen have had their share of f*ckboys and drama, and this podcast covers off everything you need to know about modern dating, mixed with their own stories and plenty of laughs.

Listen here

3.55 by Chanel

The chicest of all podcasts, 3.55 by Chanel is a deep dive inside the Chanel world. With episodes covering everything from iconic bags to celebrity red carpets, look out for Chanel-approved guests like Margot Robbie and Pharrell who have popped up as guests. 


The Anti-Slavery Collective

Princess Eugenie announced that she and her fellow Anti-Slavery Collective co-founder, Julia de Boinville, were working on a podcast. The news came sandwiched in a longer IGTV video, posted on the Collective’s Instagram feed, about the organisation’s mission.

“This is a whole, much bigger, larger issue that’s a hidden crime,” Eugenie said, explaining the forms that slavery takes in today’s world. “It’s forced labor, forced marriage, domestic servitude. It’s people not being paid correctly. The Anti-Slavery Collective’s mission is to bring people together, because together we’re so much more powerful, and we can affect serious change. And if we can do that, and get people working on the same thing, sharing information, sharing what their best practices are, then we can make a real difference.”

The new podcast will contribute to those efforts. “We’re developing a podcast with Freedom United, and we have a speaker series called Tech Tackles Trafficking,” Eugenie explained.

Listen here.

Fat Mascara

Fat Mascara

If you love all things beauty, then Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstien’s Fat Mascara is your next must-listen. The friends and beauty editors interview celebrity hairstylists, make up industry professionals and more, as they discuss new products, trends and treatments.

Filled with product recommendations, ethical beauty conversations and laughs galore, Fat Mascara is just like chatting with your closest girl friends.
Listen here.

Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum

Hosted by Instagram influencers Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Holland, the pair chat through some of the controversial topics that you just can’t ask your own mother, embarrassing or not. Best friends as well as hosts, their tears and laughter makes you feel at ease, as they answer questions from their followers and chat through our experiences of relationships, breakups, grief and friendships.

Listen here.

Forever 35

Writers and hosts Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer dive into the self-care practices that you usualy reserve for your friendship group chat. Forever35 favours everything from skincare—with an affinity for serums—to finding a great therapist and navigating the challenges that life holds.

With guests like beauty expert Caroline Hirons, their insightful conversations have garnered them a bountiful following, that can be seen through their successful Facebook group.

Listen here.

The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist

Australian-born comedian and writer Debroah Frances-White hosts The Guilty Feminist, a podcast centered around the imperfections, challenges and hypocrisy of being a feminist in the 21st Century. Interviewing celebrity guests like Gemma Arterton and Clémence Poésy.
Over all, Frances-White stresses that being a woman is tricky, we’re not perfect and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Listen here.

Pantsuit Politics

While the thought of politics chatter can feel daunting, it is possible to have productive and informed discussions, especially with someone who has opposing views to you.

Hosted by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, one from the right wing and the other from the left, have polite and informative discussions with each other, minus the shouting and insults.
Listen here.
My Favorite Murder

My Favourite Murder

Love true crime? Have a dark sense of humour? Well, so do Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The pair each cover a new true crime each week, filled with dark humour but with sensitivity. 
“It’s not ‘favourite,’ like, I love this murder,” Hardstark explained to Rolling Stone. “It’s the one I really want to talk to you about, because it’s so insane.”
Skyrocketing into mini-empire status, the podcast’s online community is unlike no other. If you need more convincing, their famous acronym ‘SSDGM—Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered’, sums up their take on the world of true crime.

Listen here.
At Home With Lily and Anna

At Home With Lily and Anna

At Home With is part ‘through the keyhole’ and part having a chat on the couch with your closest friends. Hosted by online content creators Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, the pair interview a wide range of guests in the comfort of their own home; from makeup artist Lisa Eldridge to Glamour editor Jo Elvin.

At Home With is all about cool women talking to other cool women, what could be better?

Listen here.

Sooo Many White Guys

Hosted by comedian Phoebe Robinson (from podcast 2 Dope Queens), she grew frustrated of the over-representation of white men in comedy, resulting in her hit-podcast Sooo Many White Guys.
A four-season podcast, Robinson has an impressive guest list including, Jameela Jamil, Trevor Noah, Padma Lakshmi and Adam Scott. 

Considering that comedian and Broad City creator Ilana Glazer is not only her friend, but also an executive producer of the show, laughs are sure to be had.
Listen here.
Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

If you feel comforted by hearing the relationship problems of strangers, then Where Should We Begin? is for you.
Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel asked for her patients’ permission to record their marriage counselling sessions, with many of them complying.
While their names and personal details are left vague for privacy, the voices people and their stories are incredibly real. Perel, who speaks nine languages, asks all the right questions and has the perfect answers too. There’s a lot to be learned and you can hear it all yourself.
Listen here.

Power Talks With Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi Nekvapil is a leading executive, personal coach, and author of the book POWER. In this limited series podcast, Kemi uses her skills as a coach and facilitator to engage in meaningful, honest conversations with her guests, including Megan Gale, Miranda Tapsell, Maria Thattil, Abbie Chatfield and Yumi Stynes. In the process of the conversation, Kemi hopes to assist each woman find their power. 

Listen here

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