The ‘Bridgerton’ Soundtrack Is Now On Spotify For You To Musically Manifest Your Own Regency Romance

Get waltzing

As our obsession with binge-watching Netflix’s Bridgerton continues, it only makes sense to start hunting for something to fill the Duke-shaped hole in our lives post-season one.

And while watching other period dramas can scratch our Regency-themed itch, there’s nothing like the original Bridgerton soundtrack to keep you feeling like a Featherington, and all without the Netflix subscription.

Composed by Kris Bowers, the OST is currently available on Spotify and is made up of 19 beautiful original scores along with a myriad of string pop song covers that are sure to keep you waltzing in the arms of your imaginary Duke of Hastings.

Starting with “Flawless My Dear”, the song that plays during Daphne’s debut to Queen Charlotte in the first episode, the album also contains numerous string covers of famous pop songs like Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Take a look at the first 20 tracks below:

  1. “Flawless My Dear” by Kris Bowers

  2. “The Latest Whistledown” by Kris Bowers

  3. “Thank U, Next” by Vitamin String Quartet

  4. “Girls Like You” by Vitamin String Quartet

  5. “A Love Based On Friendship” by Kris Bowers

  6. “In My Blood” by Vitamin String Quartet

  7. “One Last Dance” by Kris Bowers

  8. “Miserable Together, Happy Apart” by Kris Bowers

  9. “We Could Form An Attachment” by Kris Bowers

  10. “The Duel” by Kris Bowers

  11. “Simon And Lady Danbury” by Kris Bowers

  12. “Call Me Simon” by Kris Bowers

  13. “Love Is A Choice” by Kris Bowers

  14. “Bad Guy” by Vitamin String Quartet

  15. “When You Are Alone” by Kris Bowers

  16. “Shock And Delight” by Kris Bowers

  17. “Come With Me” by Kris Bowers

  18. “What Women Do Best” by Kris Bowers

  19. “Sommerset House” by Kris Bowers

  20. “Wildest Dreams” by Duomo

Enjoy the rest of the musical delights curated from the historical drama here.

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