‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s Fourth Episode Went From Battle For MVP To Battle Of The Roses

Apparently, Locky is an "ahoy ahoy" kind of guy

Another day, another drama-filled episode of The Bachelor Australia. Alas, while we were forced to wait until next week for the rose ceremony, we certainly didn’t miss out on a battle for the coveted prize.

Using her triple threat rose, Nicole met Locky for her first single date which included nothing other than nature, AKA Locky’s “office”—his words, not ours. The date turned into an episode of Fear Factor, after a “Locky twist” forced Nicole to overcome her fear of heights to abseil and climb a cliff face (and sadly, not even score a rose for her efforts).

Things took a dirtier turn after the singe ladies were invited on a group date to play gridiron football—in the rain, of course—where they had to battle it out to win the title of ‘MVP’. Roxi won the title, also scoring a rose, and Nicole got to spend some more one-on-one time with Locky making—you guessed it—hot chips.

From Locky’s “ahoy ahoy” greeting to Roxi’s explicit dream, the internet summed up our thoughts on tonight’s episode perfectly. 

Below, the best reactions to episode four of The Bachelor Australia:


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