Eliminated ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Nadine Claims Bella And Locky Made An “Agreement” Prior To The Show

"They met in Bali and basically made an agreement"

While the first few episodes of The Bachelor offer up the drama, we all know the real drama happens off-screen. Last week, an eliminated contestant from Locky Gilbert’s season, Nadine Kodsi, appeared on a reality TV podcast to spill all the tea in a tell-all interview. 

In that interview, Nadine makes several bombshell allegations, randing from the mandated “drink-limit” being non-existent to producer’s threatening to sue her if she walked out. The most interesting though? Front-runner Bella Varelis and Locky were “set up” from the beginning. 

Speaking to host Megan Pustetto on the So Dramatic! podcast, Nadine said: “I honestly think Bella is going to win and the reason why I think that is because I personally think it was set up.” 

“Apparently they met in Bali and she basically made an agreement to go on the show and then they’d be together,” she added. “Now it’s so obvious because if you were there on the night, I actually said ‘you are going to win’. I asked her ‘did you guys know each other beforehand’ and she said ‘no I’ve never met him’.”

While Nadine’s allegation is just that, an allegation, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that Bella and Locky had crossed paths in the past. 

According to reality TV gossip site The Wash, Bella has previously dated Sam Johnson, who appeared on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette, as well as a close friend of Courtney Dober, who also appeared on Love’s season. 

The outlet also reported that Bella has ties to Dean Michael Unglert, an ex-contestant from the US version of The Bachelorette.

Nadine went on to claim that Bella actually told another contestant about her and Locky’s “agreement.”

“So she told [one of the other contestants] that they met in Bali, they had an agreement, it was always going to be her. So basically, we were all just background puppets to create drama and she was always going to be the one to win.

Following her eviction from the Bachie mansion, Nadine also spoke to Daily Mail Australia, telling the publication she left on her “own accord.” 

“I got the f*cking worst one, so you know what? That’s why I left. I left on my own accord because I thought, ‘I’m not going to waste any more of my time. And he’s not the one for me,” she told the outlet. 

“I realised that he’s not man enough either. He’s just doing whatever the producers want. So the producers will tell him, ‘Jump’, and he’ll say, ‘How high?’”

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