Craig Silvey’s ‘Runt’ Is Set To Be Australia’s Next Beloved Family Film

The movie adaptation stars a real life rescue dog and Celeste Barber.
Craig Silvey's Runt is being turned into a movie.Studio Canal

Craig Silvey’s beloved Australian children’s novel, Runt, is being turned into a movie with Celeste Barber, Jai Courtney, Jack Thompson, Deborah Mailman, Lily LaToree and a real rescue dog called Squid.

The novel, which is about eleven-year-old Annie Shearer and her adopted stray dog (and best friend), Runt, has not only won the hearts of thousands of Australian children and their parents but also several major literary awards, including Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year for Young Readers, Book of the Year for Younger Children at the Australian Book Industry Awards, and the overall Book of the Year at the Australian Indie Book Awards. 

Silvey is also the author of famed Australian novel, Jasper Jones and Honeybee.

What Is Runt About?

Set in the fictional country town of Upson Downs, Runt follows Annie Shearer and her adopted stray dog Runt in their fight to save their family farm by competing in the Agility Course Grand Championships at the Krumpets Dog Show in London and face a nefarious English dog breeder.

Who Is Cast In Runt?

Runt will star nine-year-old Lily LaTorre in the role of Annie Shearer, as well as Jai Courtney as Bryan Shearer, Celeste Barber as Susie Shearer, Deborah Mailman as Bernadette Box, Jack Thompson as villainous land lord Earl Robert-Barren and Matt Day as dog breeder, Fergus Fink.

However the sweetest casting story is certainly Squid, the dog who play’s Annie’s adopted rescue dog Runt. Squid is a real life rescue dog who was rescued by the film’s animal department and retrained over several months by the film’s animal department.

“Our amazing animal department searched far and wide, and sourced the incredible Squid, who was in need of rescue, and they swept her up and gave her a home, and now she’s gonna be the most famous dog in Australia,” author Craig Silvey told The West Australian.

The film is being directed by John Sheedy and produced by Jamie Hilton.

Where Is Runt Filmed?

Runt was filmed in Perth and the West Australian Wheatbelt town of York

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When Will Runt Be Released?

Runt will be released on September 19, 2024.

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