The 9 Most Anticipated Books Of 2024, So Far

New year, new books.

Wondering about the best new books of 2024? Us too.

The promise of the new year also brings the promise of new book releases. In January, we’re getting a new novel from Such A Fun Age author, Kiley Reid, as well as exciting new Australian fiction from romantic comedy writer, Natalie Murray and debut author Sarah Sasson. There’s also plenty of new non fiction coming your way with a highly anticipated memoir from Kerstin Pilz, heart-wrenching refugee stories from Melinda Ham and a new finance guide for couples by Nicole Haddow.

Most recently, beloved children’s book author, Jaqueline Wilson, announced she is revisiting her famous Girls series with a new book about the characters in their 40s. We couldn’t be more excited.

Whether you’re looking for your new favourite novel or trying to make your way through your Goodreads Reading Challenge, these are the nine books we’re most looking forward to reading in 2024, so far.


  1. Loving my lying, dying cheating husband by Kerstin Pilz , $28.50, Booktopia 
  2. The Lucky Ones by Melinda Ham, $28.50, Booktopia 
  3. Tidelines by Sarah Sasson, $28.50, Booktopia

The best new books to read in 2024


Loving my lying, dying, cheating husband by Kerstin Pilz

from $ 28.50 at Booktopia

Fans of Kathy Lette and Elizabeth Gilbert will love this wise and witty memoir from Australian author, Kerstin Pilz.

In her memoir, Pilz writes about finding out that her new husband has been cheating on her throughout their entire relationshipall while caring for him during his cancer treatment. Pilz is then faced with an impossible decision to walk away or care for the man who betrayed her.

Loving my lying, dying, cheating husband is available for pre-order until its release on 27th February.

come and get it kiley read


Come And Get It by Kiley Reid

from $18.50 at Booktopia

A new buzzy novel from the author of Such A Fun Age, Kiley Reid arrives on the shelves this January.

The story follows broke university student Millie, who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a writer called Agatha. The novel explores our money-hungry society, consumerism and desire in a one gripping read.

books the lucky ones melinda hamm


The Lucky Ones by Melinda Ham

from $28.50 at Booktopia

Award-winning journalist and former foreign correspondent brings us a a collection of stories from Australian refugees.

Spanning different generations, countries and cultures, these are the tales of people forced to leave their homes and countries to escape persecution. The Lucky Ones provides us with a unique and much-needed window into the lives of the ones who survived the journey.


Love, Just In by Natalie Murray

from $20.35 at Booktopia

We guarantee this sweet romance is going to be the next big thing on #Booktok. Sure to please fans of Emily Henry, Love, Just In is a friends to lovers romance from Australian writer, Natalie Murray.

The story follows Josie Larson, an almost 30-year-old news reporter in Sydney who gets sent to regional Newcastle. While there, Josie happens to reconnect with her high school best friend, Zac Jameson.

Tidelines sarah sasson


Tidelines by Sarah Sasson

From $28.50 at Booktopia

Tidelines is the debut novel of Australian author Sarah Sasson. The coming-of-age novel takes place in Sydney in the early 2000s, where Grub is spending the summer with her brother Elijah and his best friend, Zed.

Years later, Elijah disappears and Grub is forced to look back at what really happened that summer.


Couple Goals: Building A Strong Financial Future And An Even Better Relationship By Nicole Haddow

From $28.50 at Booktopia

The author of Smashed Avocado and The Ethical Investor, Nicole Haddow, brings us a new and important read on everything you need to know about sharing finances with your partner.

With personal anecdotes, expert advice and practical strategies, this is the ultimate read for those embarking on a new financial era.


The Work By Bri Lee

From $24.50 at Booktopia

The Work is Australian writer and journalist, Bri Lee’s first venture into fiction. Set between Manhattan and Sydney, the story follows Lally and Pat, who are both trying to make it big in their respective creative industries.

From the author of Eggshell Skull and Who Gets To Be Smart comes a sharp, modern exploration of creativity, labour and capitalism.

The Work is available for pre-order until its release on 3rd April 2024.

Sally Rooney Intermezzo cover


Intermezzo by Sally Rooney

$22.95 from Booktopia

Sally Rooney’s latest novel is about two adult brothers who are grieving their father’s death. Peter, a lawyer in his thirties, is confident and successful but struggling to manage his love life, while Ivan is a 22-year-old socially awkward chess player who finds a connection with an older woman.

Focusing on the themes of love, grief and family, we’re excited for his one to be released in September.

Intermezzo is available for pre-order until its release on 24th September 2024.

Jaqueline Wilson's Think Again.


Think Again By Jaqueline Wilson

Find out more at Penguin

30 years after publishing her beloved Girls series, Jaqueline Wilson returns with an adult novel about our favourite three friends, Ellie, Magda and Nadine at the age of 40.

The blurb reads, “Being an adult isn’t quite what Ellie Allard dreamed it would be when she was fourteen years old. Though she’s got her beautiful daughter Lottie, life-long best friends in Magda and Nadine and her trusty cat Stella, her love life is non-existent and she feels like she’s been living on auto-pilot, just grateful to be able to afford the mortgage on her pokey little flat.

“But this year on her birthday, the universe seems to decide it’s time to for all that to change – whether Ellie wants it to or not. As she navigates new, exciting and often choppy waters, she’s about to discover that life will never stop surprising you – if only you let it.”

The novel doesn’t have a release date yet but we’ll keep you updated when it does.

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