These Are The Couples Still Going Strong From Farmer Wants A Wife 2021

The reunion episode confirmed all.
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Of all the dating reality shows, Farmer Wants A Wife certainly has an air of down-to-earth wholesomeness. After all, it is the franchise that’s seen multiple marriages and babies, all starting with a romance made from the iconic Australian TV series.

This season had all the makings of more romantic success, so when the reunion episode aired this week we were hopeful for the bright new couples who’d ridden off into the sunset in the series finale . 

While what has eventuated isn’t exactly a raging success, it’s safe to say most of the contestants are in a pretty good place—we can’t ask for much more than that. 

Here, we look at which couples are still together from Farmer Wants A Wife 2021. 

Farmer Andrew and Jess Nathan: Still together 

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Possibly the most wholesome of love stories stemming from the show, Andrew confessed he’d fallen in love with Jess during the finale episode. 

Then, in the reunion the pair confirmed things were still going strong between them. 

“I’ve definitely found someone that makes me happy and someone that I want to be with,” Andrew said. 

Meanwhile Jess was fluid as ever: “Yea, pretty stoked about it,” she said of her relationship with Andrew.

The couple have also now confirmed they’re moving in together which is all the happily ever after we needed to hear from them. 

Farmer Matt & Tara Hurl: Not together 

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Devastatingly, Matt and Tara confirmed they have now split up since filming the finale. 

While the pair both said they gave things a good go after the show, with Tara adapting to farm life for Matt, things still weren’t quite right. 

Tara said there were definitely still real feelings between them, but she was giving Matt space to deal with everything. It all sounds very ominous but we hope that first and foremost they’re both doing okay. Who knows, perhaps they’ll rekindle things down the track. 

Farmer Sam: Now has a new girlfriend

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Farmer Sam left the show with no one after feeling he hadn’t quite struck up a connection with any of the women. 

The farmer-turned reality star revealed he has since started dating a woman he went to school with. It’s early days but he hopes she could be “The One”.

All’s well that ends well.

Farmer Will and Jaimee: Still together (we think?)

(Credit: Channel Seven)

In perhaps one of the most scandalous stories to come out of Farmer Wants A Wife, one of Farmer Matt’s matches, Hayley, recently announced she was pregnant claiming it was Farmer Wills baby. 

On the show, we saw no sign of romance between the pair, though Hayley claimed she dated Farmer Will in December 2020, shortly after filming wrapped but before the reunion episode was filmed. 

But in the reunion episode, Will looked to be happier than ever with his winner Jaimee, saying she had “changed his life”. 

Hayley’s pregnancy wasn’t addressed until the very end of the episode, where host Natalie Gruzlewski said in a separate scene: “I have got some exciting news. Since we recorded the reunion, I’ve found out one of Farmer Matt’s ladies Hayley is pregnant. We wish her and her soon-to-be bundle of joy all the very best.”

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