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Meet The Five Lucky Farmers Looking To Find Love On ‘A Farmer Wants A Wife’

Five new Aussie farmers start their quest for love.

Annnnnd we’re back. Australia’s favourite (and most successful) dating show, A Farmer Wants A Wifeis officially here to provide the wholesome love stories we’ve been craving. 

The series premiered on Channel Seven on July 4, 2021, introducing us to the five Aussie farmers hoping to spark up a little romance this season, or as the series describes “swinging open the farm gates for love!” 

We met Farmer’s Matt, Andrew, Sam, Will and Rob, who all gathered in the picturesque Hunter Valley excited to meet the woman who could be “the one”, after thousands of hopeful singles saw their profiles.  

As always, host Natalie Gruzlewski is along for the ride to play cupid. 

Ahead of the series kicking off, read on to learn more about this year’s crop of leading men. 

Farmer Andrew 

“I came here to do one thing, and I did it. I fell in love.” 

The 30-year-old sheep farmer from Delegate, NSW, describes himself as a “laidback, genuine guy” and, surprisingly, has already admitted he’s found love on the Channel Seven reality series. 

We don’t know exactly who has stolen this lucky farmer’s heart, but we do know he’s inching closer to his dream of raising a family on the farm. 

farmer andrew

Farmer Will

“Love to me is everything. They write songs about it, they write poems about it.” 

Sparked by friends Rob and Jo, who also met on Farmer and are “happily married with three lovely children,” farmer Will decided to give the series a go for himself. 

The sheep and cattle farmer hails from Longwood, Victoria, and describes himself as “honest and energetic,” on top of being a “down-to-earth bloke” who loves a party as well as his downtime. 

Farmer Will also admits he has everything he could want, a beautiful farm and amazing family, and is looking for a soulmate to share it with. 

farmer will

Farmer Sam 

“I haven’t found love yet. I’m the only single one in the family.” 

Farmer Sam, a 25-year-old from Canowindra, NSW, is turning to A Farmer Wants A Wife after attempting to find love the old-fashioned way—a dating app, which saw only three singles within a 150-kilometre radius. 

The middle child of seven siblings, family is everything to this crop and sheep farmer, who hopes to give his future family the same upbringing, along with his “Sense of humour and passion for adventure.” 

farmer wants a wife

Farmer Matt 

“I picture having a wife down on the farm with kids jumping across the hay bales.”

On a mission to break his “love drought”, self-confessed bogan Matt was born and bred on his family’s farm and is hoping to one day share that lifestyle with a wife and children. 

The 26-year-old cattle farmer from Orbost, Victoria, describes himself as “honest, loyal and hard-working,” and takes pride in his country roots. 

As a fourth-generation farmer, Matt is hoping to find a partner who loves a laugh and is ready for the farm life. 

“This farm, it’s my world,” he says. “I’m a fourth-generation farmer, we need that fifth generation. We need some little rugrats running around here!” 

farmer wants a wife

Farmer Rob

“I’d love the lightning bolt to strike again and find that true love. It’s happened before in my life and I’m sure it can happen again.” 

This Snowy Mountains sheep and cattle farmer is no stranger to love, having already experienced it once before and is a proud father-of-two. 

Farmer Rob is admittedly looking for a woman who is “confident and happy” with their life. 

“I’m not trying to make someone else happy,” he says. “I’m in the game to make someone happier.” 

farmer wants a wife

A Farmer Wants A Wife airs Sunday at 7pm and Monday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus. 

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