Meet The Entire Cast Of ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ For 2022

Including its first female lead.
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It’s not exactly difficult to pin-point multiple reality TV shows with formats that are a little, well, outdated. And while the problems with each differ in scale, Farmer Wants A Wife, a reality show with a surprising success rate and a (mostly) genuine cast, has long been due for a shakeup. 

And in 2022, it finally was—the new set of farmers included the very first female farmer join the cast. 

Paige, a 27-year-old farmer from Cassilis, New South Wales, joined four other men who hoped their moment on reality TV would end in life-long love. 

The new season also saw the return of host Natalie Gruzlewski, joined by former Sunrise newsreader Samantha Armytage. The famed Australian presenter recently wed her partner Richard Lavender, who is also a farmer. Per Seven, Sam “is perfectly qualified” to help the farmers find love.

Before its reboot in 2019, the iconic Australian television show turned out some the most successful and long-lasting couples a reality TV franchise had ever seen. The last two seasons however weren’t quite so successful (more on which couples from the 2021 season are still together here). 

That said, we have every reason to believe this season’s batch of farmers will find what they’re looking for. Keep scrolling as we look at who each of the single farmers are in this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Paige

Paige, 27 from Cassilis, NSW 

Sheep, cattle and crops are Paige’s bread and butter on her Cassilis farm. And while the job keeps her extremely busy, she’s keen to meet a partner who’ll be just as involved in the work as she is. 

“So much of my life, at work and after hours, revolves around the farm or around farm-based activities like rodeo and camp drafting.

“I am at a point of my life where I would like to have someone to come with me to the drafts and the rodeos, or join me on the fence-line, or be my professional gate opener. Just someone to share life with.”

Paige’s journey on the show was nothing short of turbulent. After deciding she actually didn’t mesh with any of her suitors, she made a shock exit. She later returned with two other potential partners. It remains to be seen if one will stick. 

Farmer Harry

Farmer Harry, 23 from Kyabram, Victoria

Harry is a dairy farmer with a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness. He loves cooking, and per Seven’s statement he believes that preparing a meal and sharing it with someone is a great way to create a strong, lasting bond with someone. 

On the show, Harry was torn between Tess and Bronte, with the 23-year-old’s family urging him to go for the latter newcomer because they saw “potential for a really beautiful relationship”. 

Farmer Will

Farmer Will, 26 from Berriwillock, Victoria

Will is a farmer specialises in broadcare sheep, and describes himself as an upbeat and positive person who loves staying fit and healthy.

For Will, family is everything—and he wants to find someone who’s confident with the utmost respect for themselves. 

Late into the season, it looks like Will finds his match with Jess, with So Dramatic! podcast revealing a spoiler detail about the 25-year-old dental nurse’s suss relocation from Queensland to Victoria after wrapping up filming. 

“From what I’ve heard they’re very happy together and she’s loving the community,” a source explained to the podcast.

Farmer Ben

Farmer Ben, 27 from Wingham, NSW

Ben is a dairy farmer who believes in old-fashioned romance, and hopes for a relationship like his grandparents share. He is a dad to a three-year-old daughter and wants to find someone who’s confident, kind and willing to lend a helping ear when it’s needed. 

It looks like Ben will end up with either Leish, who currently leads the bookies odds, or Kiani, a late newcomer who immediately caught Ben’s eye. 

Farmer Benjamin

Farmer Benjamin, 33 from Guyra, NSW

A sheep farmer from Guyra, New South Wales, Benjamin describes himself as a “creative”.

With a degree in drama, he also co-owns a record label, is a DJ and produces music.

Sadly, Benjamin was forced to quit the show at the eleventh hour after his grandmother died and he was diagnosed with a “health condition”. 

His remaining suitors were distraught, as were viewers who’d taken a liking to the eccentric farmer. More about his emotional exit here

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