Interior Lessons We’ve Taken From French Girl Homes

The French touch.
french homes@sabinasocol

Like with food, fashion and beauty, the French just seem to possess an innate wisdom when it comes to styling their homes.

There’s just something about the way certain home décor items are selected and positioned that give their spaces that equal sense of elegance and coolness.

If you’re desperate to bring some of that iconic French style into your own home then keep reading for all the interior lessons we’ve learned from French girl homes.

Don’t Rush Your Furniture Purchases

Who hasn’t moved into a new space and immediately rushed to fill it with all sorts of things you think you need?

The idea of sleeping on the floor, or not having a bookcase to put our books in can make a lot of us feel like our homes aren’t ‘complete.’

Well, the French have a different approach—they find the beauty in the mattress placed romantically by the open window while they find the right bed base, and those books on the floor only give their home an air of cool.

Imperfection Adds Character

You’re not the only one who feels like their home has to look perfect all the time.

It’s tempting to fall into the trap of only buying décor that perfectly matches with their other pieces, or never having anyone over unless your house is in perfect order.

French girls, on the other hand, are perfectly comfortable with a little disorder in their spaces.

From clashing patterns to unmade beds, they have the ability to see the life in it all.

Old Goes With New

French girls don’t like to stick to one specific style era, preferring to mix their vintage pieces with their new ones.

It might be pairing an antique gold mirror with that new burnt orange vase from your favourite store, a mix of old and new can add a touch of personality to your home.

Don’t Be Scared Of Small Spaces

If there’s something French girls know how to do, it’s making a small space work.

They certainly don’t let those tiny Parisian studios stop them from creating the space of their dreams—and nor should you.

Whether its swapping your couch for a couple of cosy chairs and a stool, getting creative with your kitchen storage or turning your wardrobe into a pseudo office, French girls prove theirs a lot of potential in a small space.

Culture Is Cool

If French girl apartments have anything in common, it’s their display of books, art and other cultural pursuits.

It’s likely because, as a country, the French place a lot of value on culture.

From books stacked in the corner to gallery walls of your favourite artworks, it’s time to take a leaf out of the French girl’s book and show off those cultural interests.

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