Tell Everyone: Gin-Scented Candles Are Here And They Sound Amazing

Calling all gin fans

Whether you’re a gin fiend, are giving FebFast a go and are craving a gin and tonic, or just really, really love candles, you’re bound to appreciate this miraculous innovation.

Sydney-based distillery Botanica Gin and luxury lifestyle brand Lumira teamed up to create a gin-scented candle named Tonic Of Gin, that looks good and smells even better. 

The fine folks at Pedestrian.TV first directed our attention to the candle, which by all reports will make your home smell like a gin and tonic. What’s not to love? 

Gin and tonic candle
(Credit: Facebook)

According to Lumira, Tonic of Gin “features the scent of Murraya, Chamomile and Juniper, botanicals which form the cast of Distillery Botanica’s Garden Grown Gin.”

This might just make the perfect gift for the gin and tonic enthusiast in your life. 

The Tonic Of Gin candle is available at the Lumira website.

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