25 Per Cent Of Us Would Break Up With A Partner Over This Seemingly-Insignificant Habit

And tbh, we're not sure what side of the fence we sit on.

We’ve all been in a relationship we thought would stand the test of time, only to have it crumble quicker than Taylor Swift’s rep circa 2016.

Most of the time, you can pinpoint a major thing that went wrong (he cheated/you cheated/you fell out of love.) But sometimes, it’s the littlest things that stack up in favour of a split – like social media habits.

Researchers at Bay Alarm Medical surveyed 1,000 people currently dating, engaged or married to find out exactly what it would take for them to call it quits.

53.4 per cent of women and 48.8 per cent of men said they would break up with a partner if they complained about their relationship on social media.

So far, so understandable.

46.8 per cent of women would pull the pin if their S.O didn’t acknowledge their relationship status online (compared to 36.2 per cent of the opposite sex.) But interestingly, nearly one in four people (both genders included) reckon never posting pics together warrants serious cause for concern.

Here’s the thing about that: studies have found that the visibility of your coupledom on Facebook, Insta, etc, can be a key indicator of how strong it is. And in fact, it’s the over-sharers, not the under-sharers, that have the most reason to be worried.

Yup, according to experts, the more anxious people are about their connection with their partner, the more likely they are to go overboard with the PDA to compensate.

Bottom line? It’s perfectly healthy to share snaps of you and your boo every now and again or to keep things private (if that’s more your jam.) Just make sure you’re both on the same page or else feelings can get hurt.

You’ve officially been warned.

This article originally appeare on Women’s Health Australia. 

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