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How To Make Meaningful Female Friendships As An Adult 

Friendly tips to skip the small talk and dive straight into best friend territory.

There’s no denying the power of female friendship. A strong bond—à la Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift—can lift you up, help you feel less alone, and give you a sense of belonging in the world. It’s an experience I’ve had first-hand.

Yet, making meaningful connections (that go beyond a new Instagram follower) can be challenging in adulthood, as our social lives begin to wrestle for space with work, family, and ‘me-time’.

I’m in my mid-twenties and I’ve quickly realised how easy it is for long-time friendships to fade as schedules clash and shared interests dissolve into fond memories. But I’ve also learnt how important it is to keep an open mind, start conversations, and be vulnerable with new people. 

Whether you’re searching for your ‘ride or die’ or simply want to expand your social circle, there are plenty of ways to create new connections. Trust me, you never know when or where you’re going to meet your next best friend.

Practice Being Open Minded

Friends can be found in the most unlikely places… like in the backseat of an Uber. When I was travelling overseas in my early twenties, my friend and I ordered an Uber Pool to help sustain our dwindling backpackers’ budgets.

Consistency is key to maintaining close friendships. (Credit: @selenagomez )

The Uber Pool option allowed us to split the ride costs with someone heading in the same direction, and that someone turned out to be a young, solo traveller. After chatting in the car, we spontaneously invited her to join us for what would be a memorable Parisian dinner and the start of a devoted, long-distance friendship. 

The lesson? Always keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Chances are, you aren’t the only person seeking—and struggling to find—new friendships as an adult.

Join A Dinner Party 

Making new friends is easy when there’s delicious food and Brown Brothers wine involved. (Credit: Nicole Squelch)

Fact: food brings people together. Nobody knows this more so than Sophie McIntyre, founder of dinner party project Club Sup. With an ethos of “bring an open mind and an empty stomach,” the club aims to bring strangers together for a laidback evening of great food, wine, and lively chats.  

Intimate dinner parties like Club Sup are a fun, enjoyable way to strike up a conversation with people outside your social network. You’re most likely to sit down with strangers and stand up with a handful of new mates (and a satisfied appetite).  

Pursue Your Personal Interests

Common ground provides a strong foundation for friendship, so follow your passions and you’ll soon find your people. Whether it’s joining a book club, signing up for a pottery course, or revisiting your favourite social sport, clubs attract people with similar interests and likeminded values.   

Shared interests create bonds and bring people together. (Credit: @taylorswift )

The people you surround yourself with help to shape your identity, so it’s important to choose friends who actively enrich your life. Because, as Taylor Swift would say, “it’s nice to have a friend.” 

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