This Is Taylor Swift’s Exact Diet And Exercise Routine

It's surprisingly relatable.
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Taylor Swift is a woman of many talents. Between her sell-out tour, highly-anticipated album re-records, and record-breaking concert film, it’s a wonder the singer-songwriter finds any time for herself.

So how does the 33-year-old get into shape for her high-energy performances, and power through tough choreography without breaking a sweat or compromising her impressive vocals?

Much like actress Margot Robbie, when it comes to maintaining her fitness, Swift appears to have mastered the art of balance. And if her three hours-long Eras performances are anything to go by, it’s a philosophy well worth emulating. 

Below, we’re taking a deep dive into Swift’s fitness routine, including the tools she uses to prioritise her mental health, and the delicious foods she’ll never go without. 

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What Is Taylor Swift’s Exercise Routine?

Exercise-wise, Swift has been known to frequent Body By Simone when she’s in New York. Founded by Australian personal trainer and former Broadway dancer Simone De La Rue, the ‘BBS method’ combines high-intensity dance-based cardio with body-weight moves and light dumbbells to create long, lean muscles. You can see Swift’s go-to 20-minute workout here.

Taylor Swift Body by Simone
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Running is another way Swift likes to get her sweat on, particularly as it’s a chance to listen to new music and explore new cities.

“For me, running is about blasting a whole bunch of new songs and running to the beat. It’s also good because it makes me find a gym wherever I am,” she told WebMD.

“I’m very much out in the world, and I love exploring the places we go when we tour. It’s important for me to live a full life.”

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What Is Taylor Swift’s Diet?

When it comes to her diet, Swift takes a balanced approach, focusing on eating healthily to feel good, but always allowing for indulgences when she feels like them. 

“During the week, I try to eat healthily, so that means salads, yoghurt, and sandwiches,” she told WebMD.

“It’s nothing too regimented or crazy. I don’t like to create too many rules where I don’t need them. We know what’s good for us, thanks to common sense.”

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As far as the weekends go, the songstress favours classic comfort foods as treats.

“I like comfort foods. I love a burger and fries, I love ice cream so much, and I love baking cookies. Actually, I love baking anything,” she said.

Swift also touched on her baking prowess in an interview with Bon Appétit, saying I bake pumpkin bread for everyone I know, and make ginger molasses cookies and hot chocolate and chai.”

Her favourite thing to bake? Chai sugar cookies with eggnog icing. She also told the publication that she stocks up on cinnamon rolls and cookie dough, just in case there aren’t any freshly baked treats around when a craving hits.

Taylor Swift diet treats
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A staunch proponent of drinking plenty of H2O, Swift told Bon Appétit that she’s extremely conscious of staying hydrated while on tour.

“I have so much water in my dressing room—because I drink, like, ten bottles of water a day. That’s pretty much all we have in there,” she said.

We suppose that makes sense when you’re dancing for three hours straight multiple nights a week.

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 How Does Taylor Swift Prioritise Her Mental Health?

Physical health aside, the singer prioritises her mental health through the cathartic act of journaling and, of course, songwriting.

“From a young age, any time I would feel pain I would think, ‘It’s OK, I can write about this after school,'” she told Glamour.

“And still, any time something hurts, like rejection or sadness or loneliness, or I feel joy or I fall in love, I ask myself, ‘Can I write a song about this, so I know how I feel?'”

In the same interview, Swift also revealed that she regularly checks in with herself to keep any negative inner chatter at bay, saying “I keep an internal gauge of whether it’s been a healthy week or not”.

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