An Aussie Guide To Getting Your Hands On Sarah J. Maas’ ‘Crescent City: House Of Flame And Shadow’

The highly anticipated novel is already flying off virtual shelves.
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Unless you’ve been living under a #BookTok sized rock, you’ve likely heard of Sarah J. Maas and the fictional worlds of fae, beasts, demons and shifters that she has created across the A Court Of Thorns And Roses, Throne Of Glass and Crescent City series.

Maas’ writing has brought a whole new demographic of women into the fantasy genre with ‘dark fantasy’ and ‘romantasy’ quickly becoming highly trafficking words searched on TikTok.

The next-to-be-released Crescent City novel, House Of Flame And Shadow, is highly anticipated, with online book influencers booking time off work to binge read the novel when it comes out.

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It is especially awaited as the prior Crescent City novel, House Of Sky And Breath, left readers on a major (read again: could not be more MAJOR) cliffhanger.

Maas’ writing is in such high demand that the author currently has six further titles (after Crescent City) already confirmed with Bloomsbury.

For those not already indoctrinated into the Maas universe, the new novel requires Harry Potter/Game Of Thrones level reading dedication, with the new tome set to reach 848 pages.

The problem when novels are so highly anticipated, is that printing runs can’t always keep up with demand. Fans fear that the high demand will see them head into their local Dymocks store or Berkelouw Books only to find the shelf empty.

Enter stage left: the art of the pre-order.

Where To Get House Of Flame And Shadow (Crescent City #3) In Australia

If you’re concerned about getting your hands on a copy of House Of Flame And Shadow in store or braving long bookstore cues, never fear, the Amazon Australia pre-order function will see a copy on the release day.

marie claire spoke with Amazon Australia today who have confirmed that the new Crescent City installment will be eligible for Prime Free Release Day Delivery.

This means that rather than having to wait a few days to receive your novel, you should get it on the day of launch, and hopefully be able to read fast enough to keep ahead of online spoilers.

This is what we heard from the team:

“When you pre-order eligible items before the cut-off date to an eligible location, Amazon Australia will send your order with the intention that the estimated delivery date is on the item’s release date,” they say.

Prime Members purchasing within these eligibility rules will get the expedited delivery for free, while non-Prime members can purchase it at an additional cost.

“To ensure you’re getting Release Day Delivery make sure the Delivery Day Estimate is the same as the release date at checkout!”

marie claire are awaiting response from Dymocks head office. Asking in the main Sydney store, it appears that if you pre-order online and select ‘Click & Collect’ you may be able to pick up the tome on the day in store. Otherwise normal shipping timelines apply.

What Is The Crescent City Series About?

** MINOR SPOILER ALERT: House Of Earth And Blood and House Of Sky And Breath **

Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City series is set in a modern-day fantasy world where Bryce Quinlan, a half-human half-fae university graduate spends her days partying the time away alongside her best friend Danika Fendyr. Only, she’s soon confronted with a horrifying murder.

Faced with new and terrible dark forces, she works with enslaved angel Hunt Althalar to bring down the forces of evil plaguing Crescent City, meanwhile uncovering more about what Danika had been researching over the past two years.

In House Of Sky And Breath, we see the romance elements pick up, but also the unravelling of Crescent City’s society and law and order as we know it. Bryce is forced to accept a whole new way of life she would never have even dreamt of. Then, it’s turned on its head yet again.

Why Should I Pre-Order A Book?

While you might be happy to chance your luck at the local bookstore, long lines and books flying off shelves have many opting for the much easier option of pre-order and swift delivery for their highly anticipated stories.

Pre-ordering also helps the author, as it shows bookstores that there is demand for their novels, and they will typically order more copies of it. It also helps to enhance the ‘buzz’ around the novel. If many know it has been widely pre-ordered, they’re much more likely to purchase and see what ‘all the fuss is about’.

Of course, with Sarah J. Maas’ already heightened level of internet fame, the ‘buzzy’ element of pre-ordering isn’t as necessary, but hardcore fans will just sleep easier knowing there’s a copy out there with their name on it.

All we have to say is happy reading (or, initially, frustrating reading, if we anticipate the impact of that final cliff-hanger correctly).  

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