So, The Ken Barbie Doll Has A Man Bun Now

Takes Barbie on a deconstructed smashed avo date

After Barbie’s long-overdue diversification last year, it seems Ken is next up for the cultural overhaul.

While we are cheering at the news of slim and broad body types, as well as a variety of new hairstyles including cornrows, one style couldn’t help but make us chuckle.

One very fashionable doll will come prepped with a man-bun, for when Barbie goes through her ‘alternative’ stage.

Maybe he’s a photographer. Maybe he brews craft beer. Perhaps he’s an underground DJ that only plays minimal tech and constantly talks about that one time he went to Berlin.

Whatever he does, we’re sure he’ll be asking Barbie to party somewhere way cooler than original Ken.

Unfortunately, many of the man-bun toting, hipster dads probably wouldn’t buy a doll from such a mainstream, corporate brand, so time will only tell how well they’ll sell.

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