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We’re obsessed with Breastfeeding Barbie

The only thing that could make her more realistic is if she was clutching an iPhone and leaking milk on her top.

Brisbane mum of two Betty Strachan made headlines this week with her gorgeous breastfeeding ‘Barbie’ (Okay, she’s not a real Barbie and she’s not really breastfeeding but she’s definitely awesome). Diversity dolls aren’t entirely new but there’s something particularly beautiful about Strachan’s version. Here’s why:

1. There’s still ridiculous stigma around breastfeeding women, especially if they do it in public without ‘covering up.’ Not a muslin wrap in sight here.

2. Kids need to play with toys that mimic the real world, because that’s how they find out what’s normal. “I realised that it was really something that should be available ― because, like most things that society deems unacceptable, educating children is the way to erase the stigma behind it,” Strachan told the Huffington Post.

3. She has under-eye bags, like every breastfeeding mother ever (in fact pretty much every mother ever full stop). The only thing that could make this tableau more realistic is if she was mindlessly scrolling instagram on her phone whiles she nursed and the other boob was leaking. 

4. She has some gorgeous friends, also for sale on Betty’s Etsy shop including:

Pregnant Barbie (love the linea nigra running down the middle of her belly)


Gorgeous Zola, with her beautiful chocolate skin.

Two rocking same-sex mums


A realistic looking dude (complete with freckles).

Poor Betty – who hand-sculpts every doll – has been run off her feet since her name hit the headlines so we think you’ll struggle to purchase one of these beauties for yourself right away. But follow her on Instagram to find out when she adds more little people to her collection.

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