The Biggest (And Most Explosive) Fan Theories From Killing Eve’s Final Season

Laura Neal is really taking us on a journey.

Actor Jodie Comer put it best when asked about the final season of Killing Eve, in which she headlines alongside Sandra Oh: “I’m trying not to think about it too much.”

Honestly, same. The show gripped us long before things like NFTs, royal exits and COVID-19 came into the picture, but after four whirlwind seasons, it’s tragically about to come to an end—and perhaps quite literally.  

Writer Laura Neal has penned the final chapter of Killing Eve and fans have some serious theories about what she might have cooked up for the episodes ahead

Here, the biggest and most explosive fan theories about what’s to come in season four.

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Will Eve die? 

Neal herself has addressed the most obvious theory to come from its final season (that Eve, played by Sandra Oh, will be… killed as its namesake suggests). She told Insider“It’s not surprising that there are those theories around, considering the show’s title.” 

However, Neal explained that she actually read the phrase more figuratively, “For me, the title is Eve is doing away with old Eve and becoming a new Eve. That, for me, is how I’ve kind of read it,” she explained. 

“That’s not to say one thing or another about the ending. I’m obviously not gonna reveal anything that happens. But I think that title could be read in a whole load of different ways.”

Of course, fans are now in overdrive on the theory given that the first episode of season four began with Konstantin telling Eve, “You are going to die, you know.”


Will Villanelle die?

This is another popular theory to counter Eve’s potential fate. While many ship Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve, with hopes the former lives out her redemption arc and they end up happily ever after, past seasons have taught us that when it comes to these two, it almost always ends in bloodshed. 

To add, a teaser for season four ends in a voiceover from Carolyn, who says: “People like us aren’t made for happy lives with happy endings.”

This almost almost certainly suggests a character (or characters) might not make it out alive.  

Comer also spoke about filming the ending of the series with Oh, telling The New York Times she had “mixed emotions”.  

“The beautiful thing about shooting the ending was that we were together on set, which was amazing. I don’t know how I feel about the ending, truth be told,” she said. 

Meanwhile Oh added here: “I thought it was quite victorious. And I think we stayed true to the characters and to each other.”

What’s up with Yusuf? 

Fans on Reddit are also wary of newcomerYusuf (Robert Gilbert), a colleague and friend of Eve’s. It looks as though the pair share a little more than friendship as the season progresses (the Daily Mail obtained pictures of the pair kissing while filming a scene here).

But the character has a dark past of his own, and fans reckon he’s a double agent for The 12. 

“I think he is trying to get close to Eve to get to Villanelle and kill her,” one Reddit user wrote. 

Who is Villanelle’s real father?

Another theory doing the rounds is that Konstantin is Villanelle’s real father.

With Villanelle’s search to find her real family coming to a head in season three, fans can’t help but wonder why Konstantin is so protective and caring for her. While he claims he found Villanelle in prison before he recruited her, he’s not unfamiliar with harbouring dark secrets—so perhaps this is yet another to add to the list. 

We’ll have to stay tuned to see how this one unfolds. Watch Killing Eve season 4 on ABC iView every Sunday at 8.30. 

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