Here’s Where The Couples From Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Are Now

From 'I do' to 'I do not'...

When Love Is Blind first dropped on Netflix it was a month before the pandemic, a time where international travel and dancing in clubs wasn’t a novelty. That shifted pretty quickly. 

But the timing of the show’s release was almost too perfect. As its popularity rose rapidly, we were thrown into various states of lockdown—and suddenly, the blind dating show became a beacon of binge-worthy, blissfully corny hope for love—in spite of the physical boundaries we were all enduring. 

Now, the show is back for its second season with a new batch of couples who got to know each other from opposite sides of a wall—literally. They struck up relationships based on connections they made without sighting one another once, and when they finally did see each other, the love was clear.

But as five potential couples approached their wedding day, that love was put to the ultimate test—so who stayed together (post-filming and to this day) and who called it quits? Keep scrolling for everything we know. 

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Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

Shayne and Natalie didn’t have the smoothest ride on the show, and as it all came to a head at their wedding, it was clear these two weren’t going to go the distance in real life. 

While Shayne decidedly said “I do” during the nuptials, Natalie called him out for his earlier hesitance, and it seemed even going back to a basic relationship (without an impending wedding to sign and seal it) was off the cards. 

“Love can only go so far,” Natalie said as the curtains closed on the pair. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl

While Nick and Danielle left us all on tenterhooks with that unanswered proposal, their love was cemented at their wedding when Nick told Danielle: “I have no question whatsoever that you’re the person I’m supposed to be with.” 

And it seems that they’re still going strong post-filming, too—Nick recently left a comment on one of Danielle’s updates about her mental health to Instagram saying: “Always proud of you, your vulnerability, and your strength!” 

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Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee

Shake has caused his fair share of turbulence this season (NB: that ‘aunt’ comment about Deepti), so there aren’t high hopes for the outcome of his relationship with Deepti. 

And sure enough, their wedding day proved to be the perfect way to close the chapter—and very much on Deepti’s terms. 

“No, I cannot marry you,” she told him, “I deserve somebody who knows for sure. so I’m choosing myself.”

Following the explosive moment she added that she had wanted Shake to “make me feel like I was the one, and he never did that”. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones

The chemistry between Iyanna and Jarrette was completely undeniable, so fans had high hopes that they’d last the distance. 

Sure enough, they came out of the show happily wed, with Iyanna telling a clearly relieved Jarrette: “I feel so understood with you, I feel so loved by you, and that has never happened.”

He couldn’t have been keener as he himself said: “I do, I do, I do.”

(Credit: Netflix)

Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams

Shaina and Kyle are the only couple we definitely know the outcome for. The pair parted ways during season 2 due to the their religious differences.

That said, they appear to still have a lot of love for each other, with Kyle recently writing on Instagram: “No matter the outcome, this special bond I share with Shaina will be forever kept in mind, until the end of time.”

(Credit: Netflix)

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

Mallory and Sal’s love story really hit differently, largely because their wedding ceremony wasn’t at all what we were expecting. 

While Mallory had decided that she wanted this relationship, Sal was conflicted, ultimately telling his bride, “I cannot. I just feel like I need more time.” 

Mallory takes his decision like an absolute trooper and tells him that’s okay, but any hope of their relationship lasting beyond the day dwindled when he said: “Whatever it is we needed, we needed more of it.”

That said, he did tell her he wanted to take her out on a date, so perhaps there’s still something there for these two…

You can watch Love Is Blind season 2 on Netflix here

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