March Horoscopes: What’s In The Stars For You This Month?

What does March hold for your sign?
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Our astrologist shares your March 2024 horoscope.



March brings an image overhaul, starting with the new moon on the 10th. This is the perfect time to redefine your style, whether through a fresh hairstyle, a wardrobe revamp, or even a tattoo that tells your story. When Venus enters Pisces on the 12th, prioritise self-love. Treat yourself to an act of self-care.

Mars arrives by the 23rd, boosting your charisma and confidence and getting you noticed. Just be cautious with money, especially around the lunar eclipse on March 25th. Hold off on gambles, risky investments or collaborations.

POWER DAYS March 10, 12, 23



Your birthday might be more low-key this year, as March calls for a quieter celebration and a cosmic breather. The new moon signals a time for self-care and rejuvenation. Take a break, recharge and don’t feel guilty for stepping off the fast track. Mercury entering your sign on March 10th brings a flurry of fantastic ideas.

Keep a notepad handy for bursts of inspiration. Then, on March 25th, the lunar eclipse brings a relationship twist. It’s a period of growth, understanding and going with the flow. This month, blend rest with creative thinking and let change be your ally.

POWER DAYS March 10, 20, 24



March is your month to shine in the social arena. On the 4th, Jupiter and Neptune align, presenting you with a golden networking opportunity. Say yes to new connections and trust in your abilities.

This planetary pair may also rekindle an old dream or wish. Create a vision board or write affirmations during the new moon on the 10th. It’s a potent time to set your intentions – aim high! Love is also in the air, with Venus and Mars playing Cupid. For singles, that friend could be your next love story, while a fun night out turns into a hot-and-heavy romp for couples.

POWER DAYS March 1, 4, 24



Gemini, imagine your dreams as stars – each a possibility in the vast sky of potential. As Mercury stirs your mind, you’re not just daydreaming; you’re designing your future. Starting March 10th,

it’s your time to sparkle. That job you’ve been eyeing? Go for it. The new moon on your career path is a personal invitation to step up. From March 12th your magnetism amplifies. Remember that friend who found love in the most unexpected place? Keep your heart open to new definitions of romance. This month isn’t just about reaching for the stars – it’s about realising you’re already among them.

POWER DAYS March 10, 23, 25



From March 20th, the sun spotlights your career, injecting gusto into your daily grind. Picture the accomplishment you’ll feel by enrolling in that course you have been considering or by honing a skill that sets you apart from the competition.

As the month winds down, family takes priority. The eclipse on March 25th sets the scene for a no-frills talk with your mum or a child. If your buttons are pushed, resist withdrawing into your shell. Seize this opportunity to practise assertiveness, steering clear of passive aggression. And if you’re provoked, it’s best to simply walk away.

POWER DAYS March 22, 24, 25



A sudden realisation – maybe during a dream or a brainstorming session – hits you this month. It brings clarity, showing you it is OK to be yourself. Trust this insight; it’s your ticket to feeling accepted and valued. March also focuses on your finances.

Watch for an investment opportunity or the chance to collaborate on a project that could boost your income. The eclipse on March 25th pushes you to speak up in situations where you usually wouldn’t. Whether standing up for an idea at work or expressing your feelings to someone close, use the lunar energy to champion yourself.

POWER DAYS March 4, 10, 25



Love takes centrestage this month, especially around the new moon on March 10th. If you’re single, the stars align – opening doors to potential relationships. Thanks to Venus and Saturn, those dating move towards a more committed status.

For couples, a fresh chapter blossoms. Think about that power couple you know who recently rekindled their romance. Now, it’s your turn. By mid-month, your focus shifts to finances. Mercury urges you to be more savings-oriented, but don’t dive in headfirst if an investment opportunity pops up. A cautious approach now will save headaches later.

POWER DAYS March 10, 12, 23



March is a transformative month for you, Libra, especially with the lunar eclipse in your sign on March 25th. You’ll feel its influence throughout the month, pulling you towards change. It’s time to let go, maybe of a relationship with a woman or a self-sabotaging thought about your appearance.

Welcome this shift, even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Things might get chaotic before they calm down, but trust that they will settle exactly as they should. This month, change is not just necessary, it’s the path towards something new and improved.

POWER DAYS March 12, 22, 25



Mars and Uranus take you to the brink of an exciting new phase. Whether you’re embarking on a home makeover or navigating the beginnings of a relationship, major changes are unfolding. Couples, consider opening up about an intimate detail and offloading a heavy burden.

A shared secret brings a new level of understanding and closeness. In business with your partner? Growth is on the horizon. But forcing things won’t help. If a door swings open effortlessly, step through. If it resists, don’t waste your energy. Stay true to your intuitive Scorpio nature.

POWER DAYS March 7, 11, 23



Post-March 12th, Venus sprinkles luck on a property endeavour. Dreaming of a new home or a rental space? The cosmic timing is perfect. Just remember, with a lunar eclipse in play, diligence is key.

Thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny before signing on the dotted line. Some issues could be deal breakers. When it comes to love, Mercury demands authenticity from singles. Forget fishing for likes, raw honesty is where it’s at. Coupled up? Netflix and chill won’t do. Think: midnight salsa dancing in the living room or a spontaneous road trip to nowhere. The wilder, the better.

POWER DAYS March 4, 12, 24



Venus brings news from a woman in your circle, prompting you to stand your ground and champion your values. You might find yourself re-evaluating what matters most but don’t sway
from what you believe to be true.

As the month progresses, Mars ignites a personal ambition deeply rooted in communication. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of starting a podcast or becoming more vocal about an issue close to your heart. Your drive is legendary but watch out for the lunar eclipse’s curveball – it might test your energy and focus. You’re on track, just balance your ambition with self-care.

POWER DAYS March 11, 22, 25


Aquarius, you’re usually the cool cat who walks an independent path, but this month you are pulled towards deeper connections. Whether it’s rethinking your place in your circle of friends, your family dynamics, or where you stand at work, it’s OK to want more.

Uranus throws you a curveball in family matters around March 10th but you’ve got the mettle to handle it. Besides, the sun has got your back, ensuring your words are not just heard but felt. Then, the eclipse on March 25th unveils the core issue behind a recent clash, paving the way for healing and fresh understanding.

POWER DAYS March 1, 4, 10

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