It’s Pisces Season, But What Does This Creative And Compassionate Zodiac Mean For You?

The fishes are in their element during this time.

It’s Pisces ‘szn’, the final 12th sign of the zodiac. After all the havoc we waded through in Aquarius season, this is a great opportunity to chill out, get creative and reimagine your life.

If you want to know what to expect from this emotional period, and how you can use your energy to make the most of it, look no further. Here is everything you need to know about the zodiac during Pisces season.

When is Pisces season?

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Date: February 19-March 20

Element: Water

Symbol: Fish

Planets: Neptune (God of the sea) and Jupiter (planet of faith and optimism)

What are the personality traits of Pisces?

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Pisceans are known to be sweet and sensitive, creative and artistic. This watery sign can have an element of dreaminess and optimism. Pisceans tend to be ‘the sky is the limit’ thinkers.

Like the ocean, Pisceans can have mysterious depths to them, so it is best not to judge them on face value. There is a lot going on internally that they may not always show on the surface.

This can also create a sense of moodiness and introspection with Pisceans, but this is always balanced with their positive and optimistic views on the world. They’re emotionally sensitive individuals who will probably pick up more from you, than you will of them, at first.

Compassion abounds in Pisces and they have a lot to give, in love, in friendship and in service to those around them.

Which signs are most compatible with Pisces?

Signs with the most synergy include sensitive Cancer, fellow water sign Scorpio and organized Capricorn (while Pisces is not as organized, they both share deep emotions).

Which signs are least compatible with Pisces?

The least compatible signs with Pisces are stoic Geminis, bold Leos and indecisive Libras.

What does Pisces season mean for other signs?

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After being in the abject chaos of Aquarius for so long, moving into Pisces can feel like a breath of fresh air for the signs.

You might feel a burst of creativity or a need to reimagine the way you’re approaching certain areas of your life. However, be aware that actually getting those lofty ideas off the ground may be more difficult this month. This may be especially frustrating to those who are used to getting stuff done, such as Leos and Capricorns.

You may feel emotional this month, which will be a positive thing for the Virgos, Cancers and Libras to lean into. However, don’t let it go too far or become overly introspective.

It is a great time for social signs to get out there and do their chatting, with a few parties on the horizon as well. Bring this energy into your relationships and try to listen when you can, rather than always speaking.

Which celebrities are Pisces?

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Rihanna (February 20, 1988)

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Justin Bieber (March 1, 1994)

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Jessica Biel (March 3, 1982)

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Drew Barrymore (February 22, 1975)

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Milly Bobby Brown (February 19, 2004)

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Emily Blunt (February 23, 1983)

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Olivia Wilde (March 10, 1984)

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Chris Martin (March 2, 1977)

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Lily Collins (March 18, 1989)

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