Are On/Off ‘MAFS’ Couple Bec & Jake Still Together?

Well, probably not.

Of all the couples on Married At First Sight 2021, Bec Zemek and Jake Edwards have been the biggest rollercoaster. First they’re totally off, then on, then off again – we can’t keep up! But are the pair still together now filming has wrapped?

Well, it’s not looking likely. Here’s everything we know about Bec and Jake’s tumultuous, confusing romance.

1. Bec Looks To Be Living Back In Perth

It doesn’t bode well for a MAFS couple if they’re living in separate states after the show wraps, and it certainly looks like Bec is back home in Perth.

2. Jake Seems To Be Living In Melbourne

On the other side of the country, Jake has been living it up in his home city of Melbourne. That’s a long, LONG distance relationship if they’re still together. But it gets worse.

3. Jake Is Likely Dating Someone New

The biggest tip off that Jake and Bec have split up is the gossip that Jake’s moved on with a brand new girlfriend, fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin. 

Reality TV podcast So Dramatic were first to link the pair, after being sent a photo that looked to be Sophie and Jake hanging out looking very close. 

Since then, The Daily Mail claims Jake flew to Noosa for Sophie’s birthday, appearing in an Instagram video at the beach.

And there’s, well, this photo:


It certainly looks like Jake and Sophie are a thing.

4. But Apparently, They Both Say Yes In Final Vows

Interestingly, So Dramatic is reporting that Bec and Jake will both say “yes” in their final vows this week.

Considering the last few weeks have seen the couple move at not even a snail’s pace toward a relationship, this is surprising news to us.

If So Dramatic is right, we’re really interested to see what their reasons are! Still, the podcast believes they’ll then split up after filming.

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