We Know Which Couples Decide To Stay Together (And Break Up) At MAFS’ Final Vows

Apparently, there's a twist nobody saw coming!

This article contains spoilers for MAFS’ Final Vows. 

That’s it, Australia—we’ve made it through yet another season of Married At First Sight. Not without some serious drama along the way, of course, mainly thanks to Bryce and Melissa, who have been a couple riddled with controversy this season. 

The social experiment also brought with it this season yet another wine throwing incident, rumours of a “secret girlfriend” and it wouldn’t be MAFS without the final plot: a cheating scandal. 

Now with the first round of final rounds done, we know (partly) who decided to write stay, and who decided to write leave. 

Below, see which MAFS couples are still together and which ones called it quits. 

Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer

Having kept their relationship fairly steady over the course of the experiment, Belinda and Patrick got a fairytale ending on Tuesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight. 

Belinda praised Patrick for being patient with her, adding she was “grateful” he’d come into her life. 

Since the series stopped filming, the pair have been spotted together, with gossip site The Wash receiving a message from a fan who saw them looking “loved up” in Melbourne. 

“Not sure if this is actually news or not, but Patrick and Belinda (MAFS) still together,” the source said. “They were out on Brunswick street tonight looking loved up and talking to fans.”


Jake Edwards and Beck Zemek

In news that fans might find surprising, Jake and Beck decided to give things a go outside of the experiment—perhaps, all that fighting with Bryce brought the couple together? 

At the final vows, Rebecca revealed that the decision hadn’t been an easy one, but ultimately she wanted to try and make it work with Jake outside of the experiment too.

Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight

Arguably one of this season’s strongest couples, it’s unsurprising that Johnny and Kerry choose to stay together. 

The couple made their way to Sydney’s stunning Botanical Gardens to make their final decision, and declared their love for one another. 

“Kerry, I have never met somebody like you, and I am falling in love with you, and I wholeheartedly want to continue this crazy journey with you,” Johnny told his bride, while she confirms her feelings for him telling Johnny she’s falling in love. 

Following the episode, the couple took to Instagram to share some sweet photographs from the final vows. 

Johnny wrote, “She is strong, she is fierce, she is radiant and I am so proud to stand by her side.” 

Kerry added simply, “#jerryforlife”, using the couple’s sweet moniker. 

Alana Lister and Jason Engler

During the final vows, the pair made their decisions to stay or leave—and it involved a twist nobody saw coming. 

Jason was first up, telling his bride, “I’m falling in love with you Alana, and I can’t wait to go back to sunny Queensland with you to live out our happy ever after,” while Alana seemed hesitant at first, she goes on to tell her husband: “We have some huge issues to work through, but Jason… I’m willing to do the work if you are.”

Following the episode, the pair are yet to release a formal statement, but just last month the So Dramatic! podcast shared a photo of the MAFS couple holding hands during a date on the Gold Coast, leading fans to believe they are still together.

Georgia Fairweather and Liam Cooper

It was a bittersweet and shocking end to one of MAFS fan favourite couples, where things began to take a turn at the dinner party before the final vows, where the groom revealed his family and friends might not like Georgia. 

From there the couple parted before their explosive Final Vows. Liam revealed he loved Georgia, with Georgia responding by claiming he “gaslit”, “manipulated” and “degraded” her—words the groom strongly disagreed with.

While Georgia was willing to give the relationship another go, her harsh words turned him away. “You don’t know me at all,” he said. “Let’s just call it quits.” 

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson

The couple that’s had the most ups and downs this season is hands down Melissa and Bryce, which is why everyone is holding out to see whether the couple chooses to stay or leave—and unsurprisingly, the controversial couple decided to stay together. 

“Melissa, I am falling in love with you and I can’t wait to start a life together,” Bryce tells Melissa during the ceremony, to which she responds: “Despite the rumour, the conflict and everyone’s opinion, I know deep down in my heart that I have never felt this way. I can absolutely say with certainty that I am in love with you,” she finishes.

Following the emotional episode, the pair took to social media to share an update on their relationship—confirming our suspicions that they were back together. 

Sharing a photo of the pair from the final commitment ceremony, Bryce wrote: “We know people don’t agree with how our relationship appears to be from the outside. We have proven you can be happy with someone when others negatively judge our relationship from afar without knowing the home truths. People are always going to have opinions as we do in our own relationship. In the end, @mafs shows everyone that love silences all ♥️” 

Melissa echoed his sentiments, writing: “My heart is full. I love this man so much and we truly make each other happy every single day. While it might be hard for some to believe, it is my decision, my life and my choice. And I choose him. He is my partner, my lover and the man that I have fallen head over heels for. Our love story is what I asked for; an all consuming and unconditional love. And I have found that with Bryce ❤️💋🥰 #MAFS.” 

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