MAFS Reactions: Australia Is Sick Of Bryce’s Mind Games

"Shame on MAFS for allowing Bryce to be on this show."

It’s our favourite night of the weekwell, asides from Married At First Sight dinner party nights—a MAFS commitment ceremony night. 

Tonight’s episode sees Booka and Brett who have a tough decision to make considering the events that have unfolded since that letter. He makes a heartfelt apology, while she looks defeated and we prepare to farewell our formerly favourite couple. 

Then onto Bryce. Oh, Bryce. The controversial groom starts off the episode by telling Johnny and Jason that he plans to make a big statement tonight—and my goodness, please read the room. 

The experts ask Melissa how she feels about the week that was and she explains it’s been hard (well, yeah!) and Bryce is asked about how that makes him feel, and once again, fails to take responsibility blaming the entire situation on Rebecca.

And for Bryce’s “big statement”, he chooses to write “leave” and crosses it out to write “stay”—seriously! He shows his handiwork to the group, the experts and Melissa, and as the audience could have predicted, it did not go down well. 

Honestly, no one can figure out what Bryce’s motive was here besides humiliating his wife AGAIN. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the best reactions to tonight’s episode and as always head over to our nightly recap for a full rundown.

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