MAFS Recap: Oh, God

Bryce, come ON.

It’s time for a Married At First Sight commitment ceremony! Not exactly my favourite moment of the week (lol, that’s dinner parties) but I was very invested in tonight because I was SURE Booka and Brett would be splitting up. Turns out, I was wrong. But let’s recap first.

We come back to our previously-favourite couple as they sit down to debrief the night before. Both Booka and Brett seem completely exhausted by the situation, but to his credit Brett gives Booka a heartfelt apology about the letter – how it hurt her, and also reiterates that he didn’t talk about her in a derogatory fashion, but simply was talking about his experiences with her and Patrick had made assumptions based on that.

Booka seems really defeated though, and also doesn’t acknowledge Brett feeling unseen in their relationship which kinda sucked. I felt like Brett really came to the table at this point and Booka just didn’t meet him there. 

Bryce and Melissa think they’re going from strength to strength, even though Melissa permanently looks like someones run over her cat:

Honestly, in what world does this look like a happy woman

Honestly, how does Bryce not see how unhappy she is? Even if it’s not unhappy about him, she’s clearly not doing well in this experiment and he should be acknowledging it, not pretending everything is fine.

Everyone heads to the commitment ceremony. Beforehand, Bryce tells Johnny and Jason that he’s going to make some big statement tonight and they’re like:

No one is thinking this is a good idea

I don’t like the sound of this. Liam and Georgia are first on the couch and aside from their brief argument over the ranking hotness game, they’re doing great. Both write stay, as do Kerrie and Johnny who have literally no problems and are just out here having great sex and living the dream.

Then it’s time for Booka and Brett. Oh man, this was hard to watch. Just look at them:


They rehash the same stuff to the experts, and John, the wisest of them all, asks Booka if she’s got feelings for Brett after Brett suggests she might be pushing him away due to a fear of emotions she’s having. She says she doesn’t know anymore and when John asks her to think about positives in their relationship from when times were good, she can’t bring herself to do it.


Brett, however, rattles off some really nice stuff – how attracted he is to Booka, how he loves having fun with her and how easy it is to be around her. It’s quite sweet, and it’s clear these two do have feelings underneath all the bullshit going on.

In the end, Booka writes leave because she doesn’t want to ‘feel like this anymore’, while Brett writes stay – he wants to work on everything and feels leaving now wouldn’t be right.

Then it’s Bec and Jake who are SO happy…. For now. As John says, they seem to crash and then fly over and over, but Jake says they’ve turned a corner and have been focusing on the positives of late, which has helped. It’s nice seeing them happy. 

This is more like it

After those two it’s Alana and Jason. They talk about how deep their connection has been running lately, and both start crying. I love how these two are such criers, yay for emotions you know? Why keep that stuff bottled up. Mel asks Jason how he feels about Alana, and Jason says he finds it hard to articulate his feelings, but eventually says he’s struggling to imagine the future without her in it. It’s a really nice moment for them, and again – all is well, both write stay.

The happiness continues with Patrick and Belinda, who talk about their nude drawing before the experts push Belinda to be specific around what they got up to that wasn’t sex, but was LIKE sex. It’s a lot of Belinda wanting to be absorbed by the couch cushions from humiliation, but she doesn’t seem to be horrifically embarrassed, just the usual amount of “someone making me talk about sex on television”. Eventually others from the group ask Patrick to be specific and he’s like “I got a handjob”.

It could have gone so bady but it was actually kinda cute

The happiness died forever when Bryce and Melissa hit the couch, though. First, Melissa is asked how she’s felt this week and she says the experiment has been hard. When Bryce is asked about how this makes him feel, instead of being like “well I don’t want to hurt Melissa” he turns the entire thing onto Rebecca, saying it’s basically her fault Melissa is having a bad time of it. 

Also was this matching intentional

I wouldn’t say he’s entirely wrong here – Bec has been stirring the pot BIG time with them. But she also only said the truth (well, her truth) – a statement about something Bryce told her in the gym and how it came across flirtatiously. For Bryce to gloss over his involvement and turn this into Bec destroying his relationship is a bit rich.

It gets even worse. Bryce’s big move? To write “leave”, but then cross it out and write “stay”. Then show that to the group, the experts, and Melissa. Everyone is perplexed. I think even Bryce is perplexed.

This was also me watching

He tells us he did it to protect Melissa from bullying, but as Patrick points out – Melissa wrote stay, which means they would have to remain in the experiment for another whole week anyway. No one can work out what Bryce’s game was here besides ‘humiliate my wife, again’, which I honestly don’t think he was intending to do, and yet that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS. Melissa looks defeated, the whole thing is awful, and once again Bryce has screwed up. 

Anyway, this week they’re sending the entire group to some retreat which sounds like fireworks galore, to be honest.

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