Former ‘MAFS’ Bride Connie Leaks The “Inappropriate” Text Messages Bryce Sent Her


Just when you thought MAFS‘ Bryce couldn’t display any more… questionable behaviour, the groom has been embroiled in yet another scandal—only this time, it’s with a former bride from the show who says she was “creeped out” by his “unwelcome advances”, reports Woman’s Day

The publication has released leaked text messages between the 31-year-old radio presenter—who was in a relationship at the time—and MAFS‘ Connie Crayden, where he allegedly tried to hook up with her. 

Fans will remember Connie from 2020’s season of Channel Nine’s social experiment, where she was paired with Jonny. 

Just last month rumours began to surface that Bryce and Connie had once been involved, but upon being asked on radio Bryce offered up this charming sentence: “Ugh, Connie. Does she look like my type of girl?” 

According to Woman’s Day, the pair met when Bryce suggested they record a radio demo together, and at the time he was engaged to Lana Bongioletti, who he has publicly confessed to cheating on in the past.

Connie says that the pair remained in contact and would regularly FaceTime, but while the “conversations would start off quite platonic”, she claims they soon became overly “flirtatious and sexualised.” 

The former reality star goes on to tell the outlet that she regularly reminded the MAFS villain he was engaged, but he was much more “direct” and “inappropriate” with her in person. 

“Not to sound rude to you… you know I think you are attractive,” one leaked text message reads, with Connie replying, “[This is] a conversation we don’t need to be having.”

According to Connie, after Bryce and his fiancé broke up, he would ask her for advice, but, “when we spoke he’d always twist things and make them flirtatious” and would “hyper-sexualise” and push her boundaries. 

“It was getting too hard to have a friendship with him. It was almost like he was using me as a way to get over his breakup,” she told the publication. 

It’s also not the first time Bryce has been accused of cheating, with reports claiming the reality star had a “secret girlfriend” while filming the series. 

According to a source who spoke to the reality TV podcast So Dramatic!, Bryce was with a woman called Courtney during filming.

“He had a secret girlfriend the entire time during filming Married At First Sight, back in Canberra,” host Megan Pusetto says. “He lied to her and convinced her that he was just doing the show to further his career and he asked her to wait for him. She agreed. So then he kept her on the sly the entire time.”

Even more chaotic is that Courtney was apparently not even a secret girlfriend to his inner circle, many of whom were in attendance at his wedding to Melissa. “All of Bryce’s friends knew about Courtney, even the ones who were at his TV wedding. Their relationship was not a secret.”

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