Apparently Bryce From ‘MAFS’ Had A Secret Girlfriend During His Time On The Show


The Married At First Sight drama is often off the TV set, isn’t it? Every year, the wild gossip comes via friends-of-friends that the stars somewhat know, rumours, and “sources”. Honestly? We love it. We live for it, even. The latest centres around controversial husband Bryce, who has had a rocky relationship with partner Melissa that *might* just be getting rockier.

According to well-loved reality TV podcast So Dramatic, Bryce kept a huge secret from his wife Melissa, as well as the rest of Australia. In short, he had a secret girlfriend – the entire time the show was filming, in fact.


According to a source who spoke to the podcast, Bryce was with a woman called Courtney during filming.

“He had a secret girlfriend the entire time during filming Married At First Sight, back in Canberra,” host Megan Pusetto says. “He lied to her and convinced her that he was just doing the show to further his career and he asked her to wait for him. She agreed. So then he kept her on the sly the entire time.”

Even more chaotic is that Courtney was apparently not even a secret girlfriend to his inner circle, many of whom were in attendance at his wedding to Melissa. “All of Bryce’s friends knew about Courtney, even the ones who were at his TV wedding. “Their relationship was not a secret.”

It gets crazier. Apparently the whole relationship is brought up during a dinner party, during which Bryce denies it all and even convinces Courtney to text Melissa to shut down the rumours.

Apparently Bryce is with Courtney right up until a week before the final vows, when he dumps her and commits to Melissa. With rumours abounding that Bryce has moved to Melbourne to allegedly be with Melissa post-MAFS, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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