‘MasterChef’s’ Newest Season Promises To Be Its Most Diverse (And Delicious) Yet


With promises to be its most diverse and delicious season yet, MasterChef Australia is returning for its thirteenth season—and if you thought last year’s All-Stars special was the Channel Ten cooking show’s best to date, be prepared to be blown away by its class of 2021. 

The newest MasterChef Australia promo, released on Feb. 24, reveals its fresh new cast, and while the home cooks aren’t familiar faces like last year’s contestants, they’re offering up some incredible skills, determination, and of course, a mix of inspiring cultures to the table. 

Once again, returning judges include Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo. 

“The amount of heart and soul and drive is exceptional this year,” Leong can be heard saying in the teaser clip, while Allen adds, “They all have a unique story.” 

Zonfrillo adds that this season will again be just as much about getting to know the people behind the incredible dishes. 

Among the contestants introduced in the latest clip include Brent, a self-taught chef who compares his cooking style to his face, “not refined at all”; and Minoli, who after losing her sense of taste at the age of 31, decided to take her cooking skills to a new level, saying “It’s given me a whole new insight into flavour and an understanding of food that I never had before.” 

Watch the clip below. 

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The new season of the cooking show is currently in production in Melbourne, with the series implementing new safety measures amid the pandemic, including the judges reportedly tasting from individual servings this year. 

Filming began in December, and Channel 10 is yet to announce a premiere date for the upcoming thirteenth season of MasterChef Australia. 

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