Yan Yan Chan’s Go-To Guide To The Best Matcha Ever

It’s a match(a) made in heaven.

Matcha has entered the chat.

Given our collective shift to be more aware and considered when it comes to health and wellness, it makes sense that this ancient tradition has become more mainstream in recent years.

Not only is the antioxidant-rich tasty green tea taking over our favourite café’s and social media feeds, it’s inspiring leading perfumers like Le Labo and Maison Margiela thanks to it’s invigorating and comforting scent.

With countless health benefits and an aesthetically pleasing hue, the era of matcha domination is upon us.

As any matcha connoisseur would be aware, not all tea’s are brewed equal. With that in mind, we’ve tapped local matcha lover and fashion influencer Yan Yan Chan for her guide to making the ultimate matcha.

“Matcha to me, is a ritual” says Yan. As her morning vice Yan describes that she likes to take a moment to “set my gratitude or intention for the day.”

It’s equally effortless as it is mouthwatering and mindful, with a serene state of mind guaranteed in every cup.

Keep reading below for Yan’s go-to matcha recipe and her tips for staying present and being in the moment.

(Credit: Source: @_yanyanchan)

Yan Yan Chan’s Matcha Ingredients

  • 1tsp of matcha
  • x1 Matcha whisk
  • x1 Matcha bowl 
  • Oat Milk – We’re currently loving SoGood Oat Milk with no added sugar
  • Splash of warm water
(Credit: Source: @_yanyanchan)

Yan Yan Chan’s Matcha Recipe

  1. Place 1-2 tsp of matcha in your bowl.
  2. Add a splash of warm water, not boiling.
  3. Whisk the powder and water slowly in zig-zag motions. This releases the aromas and oxygenates the powder. Yan likes to set her “gratitude or intention for the day” during this time.
  4. Froth your milk of choice.
  5. Mix your milk and matcha.
  6. Enjoy, breathe and be present.

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