Every Time Meghan Markle Has Broken Royal Protocol

Not the pantyhose!

Meghan Markle isn’t your average royal. She’s American, she’s an actress, she’s a divorcee, and she’s our new obsession.

Below, every time the princess-to-be has strayed from the royal norm.

Speaking out on female empowerment

Royal family members are meant to be above politics and therefore aren’t allowed to make political statements. Meghan however, spoke at the first Royal Foundation Forum in February about female empowerment. She stated that, ‘Women don’t need to find a voice. They have a voice, they just need to be empowered to use it’, as well as supporting the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns. Talk about inspirational!


She’ll give a speech on the big day

Speaking of women using their voices, Meghan is set to give a speech on her big day, again breaking away from the norm. Traditionally, royal wedding speeches have been an all-male affair with only the groom, the father of the bride, and the best man getting a chance to speak. The Times has reported that Meghan is expected to thank The Queen and speak of her love for her new husband.


She (shockingly) wore a crossbody bag

Many were shocked to hear that Meghan broke royal protocol when she wore the incredibly stylish Strathberry crossbody bag during a visit to Edinburgh. Royals, including the Queen and Kate Middleton, are only seen wearing clutches as a way to avoid shaking hands! Though it may not seem like it, her bold choice is a step outside the royal norm. Not to mention influential, the bag has been completely sold out since the day she wore it.

Christmas with the Queen

It’s not a secret that Prince Harry is the Queen’s favourite grandchild, so it makes sense that when Harry asked if Meghan could stay at the palace last Christmas, she said yes! Typically, only married spouses are allowed to stay for Christmas, however an exception was made for Meghan. Meghan found a hilarious present to give the Queen, forgoing an expensive gift and opting to give her a singing hamster- it reportedly had the Queen in stitches.

meg and harry

PDA alert

As far loved-up up couples go, Harry and Meghan are far from extreme with their PDA. But the adorable hand holding and smooches that we love so much are a no-no for the monarchy. Because the royals are representatives of the British monarchy, and therefore are on official business, it’s protocol to act professional. But Harry and Meghan aren’t your average royal couple (sorry Kate and Wills!) and can’t seem to keep their hands off each other!

meghan markle ex husband

She’s a divorcée

If you cast your mind back to season one of The Crown, you’ll remember Princess Margaret’s heartbreak over being unable to marry the man she loved because he had been married before (we’re still crying too). We’ve come a long way from 1955, with Prince Charles divorcing Diana and then marrying Camilla in 2005. Meghan’s divorce from Trevor Engelson has still set tongues wagging. Meghan and Harry’s wedding is to be the first church wedding between a royal and a divorcée.

Marry in May, and rue the day

Queen Victoria (aka Harry’s great-great-great grandmother) believed it was unlucky to get hitched in the spring month. Meghan and Harry aren’t so superstitious, planning to get hitched on the 19th of May.

No pantyhose

While we were oggling over how cute the newly engaged couple were, we missed how Meghan had broken quite strict royal protocol. Meghan caused quite a stir during the official engagement photocall when she opted for a pair of strappy heels without pantyhose. This is apparently the Queen’s number one rule, so it’s surprising she broke it. However, she has since gone on to wear the nude pantyhose.

meg and harry

*That* messy bun

That’s right: there are even royal rules surrounding hair! Despite her future sister-in-law almost always wearing her hair in loose curls or a hairnet, Meghan stepped out with a messy bun for her first post-engagement appearance with Prince Harry. Shock horror. 

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