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A Pharmaceutical CEO Tells How To Futureproof Your Career

Ahead of this month’s Global Summit of Women, we asked Inés Juste, CEO of Spanish pharmacy group Grupo Juste, her advice on how to futureproof your career.

1 Have perseverance. What matters is not how many times we fall, but the number of times we get up again.

2 Surround yourself with the best possible talent – people who share your values.

3 Keep your enthusiasm up, because passion is what sets you apart. 

4 Serve others, don’t feel better than anyone else and be ready to listen.

5 Be genuine, do what you say you will do and always speak from the heart.

6 Be positive, because what you think and how you approach it will condition the outcome.

7 Have a sense of humour because everything is relative.

8 Lastly, enjoy what you do. Simple.

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