You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Are Billionaires

The stars with ten-figure fortunes.
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There are some celebrities we know are billionaires. There are tech magnates like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, whose big businesses made them both rich and famous, or sports icons like LeBron James and Michael Jordan, who built empires of the back off their sporting careers.

But have you ever wondered which run-of-the-mill A-listers are part of the billionaire club?

While it’s no secret there is plenty of cash in Hollywood, few stars have managed to move above millionaire status. Ahead, we round up the most surprising celebrity billionaires.

All figures are approximate conversions into Australian dollars as of June, 2024.

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Kim Kardashian

Net Worth: $2.5 billion

While Keeping Up With The Kardashians is arguably one of the most well-known reality shows of all time, it wasn’t exactly how Kim Kardashian made her cash. While the show certainly helped the second-eldest Kardashian sister build her platform, her biggest earners are her fashion and beauty businesses. Forbes reports that the mum-of-four’s shapewear line, Skims was valued almost $6 billion in 2023. Plus, prior to its closure, in 2020 she sold 20 percent of her cosmetics company, KKW Beauty for approximately $300 million.

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Net Worth: $2 billion

Rihanna became a member of the three comma club thanks to her two, billion-dollar brands. According the Forbes, the musician-turned-mogul made most of her money from her cosmetics company Fenty Beauty—which is partially owned by LVMH—and lingerie label Savage X Fenty.

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Jay Z

Net Worth: $3.5 billion

Jay Z is Hip Hop’s first billionaire. His biggest earnings came in 20201 when he sold a 50 percent stake of his his champagne brand, Armand de Brignac to LVMH, followed by the sale of a majority stake in his cognac label D’Usse to Bacardi two years later. Combined, these sales earned him over a billion dollars, according to Forbes.

The rapper and producer also owns a record label, as well as stakes in Uber. He previously had a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets, though it appears he is no longer involved with the basketball team.

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Taylor Swift

Net Worth: $1.64 billion

Taylor Swift officially became a billionaire in October 2023, capping off one of her most commercially successful years to date. The pop megastar became the first person to reach billionaire status on the basis of her music and performances alone. Her global Eras Tour no doubt helped push her earnings up, with the tour estimated to have earned her more than $284 million after tax so far.

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Oprah Winfrey

Net Worth: $4.1 billion

Oprah Winfrey has been a billionaire since 2003. Upon achieving such status, she became the first-ever Black, female billionaire.

The talk show host’s wealth comes from her media and business empire, which she built off the back of her eponymous show, as well as investments.

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Tyler Perry

Net Worth: $2 billion

Actor, filmmaker, and playwright Tyler Perry reached a ten-figure net worth thanks to this three-decade-long career of creating successful films and television shows. Per Parade, Perry built his own soundstage, Tyler Perry Studios, which saves him lots of money in production.

He also owns several properties (as billionaires do) – one of which he leant to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they stepped down from the royal family.

Perry likes to give back, too, via his own charity, The Tyler Perry Foundation.

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