Sam Heughan Says Taylor Swift Should Forget Travis Kelce, Date Him Instead

Sorry, Travis!
a collage of taylor swift sam heughan and travis kelce
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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may be the current it-couple but when the megastar takes Edinburgh for the next stop on her Eras Tour on Friday, the footballer might have to watch his back.

Ahead of her first show in Scotland on June 7, Sam Heughan took to Instagram to reveal that most of the Outlander cast would be attending. While he didn’t confirm which show they would be going to—Swift is playing three nights in the city—he added that he was really excited.

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In a behind-the-scenes video, the actor—in character as Jamie Fraser, no less—welcomed the singer to his home country and hinted he might be vying for her heart while she is there.

The actor joked, “She obviously doesn’t know this, but when she comes to Scotland and she sees me in the audience, she’s gonna forget all about…him. And fall for a man in a ginger wig.”

Heughan added, “How could she resist? She’s gonna shake him off and take me out instead. I’m really excited!”

“Welcome to Scotland Taylor,” he captioned his post. “JAMMF is a Swiftie.”

While it isn’t entirely clear whether Swift has watched Outlander, there is a fan theory that the show could be connected to one of her songs.

In a three-year-old Reddit post, one fan noted that ‘Ivy,’ from Swift’s 2020 album Evermore, has parallels with one of the series’ main romances.

“To me, parts of this song remind me so much of the love between Jamie and Claire,” they wrote. “I am not saying she was inspired to write the song after watching Outlander but I am definitely getting Outlander vibes.”

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If we have one piece of advice for Heughan it would be to make Swift a friendship bracelet—if her relationship with Kelce is anything to go by, it seems to work.

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