Is The One Week Method The Perfect Dry January Alternative?

The internet is obsessed with this new sober-curious trend.
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While there’s a real sense of accomplishment when you complete a Dry January or Sober October, it’s drastic enough that not everyone is willing to take the plunge.

Between the copious summer barbeques throughout January and social expectations, not drinking all month can be a big undertaking.

So, TikTok creator @sipsandsnacks has created the ideal no-drinking routine that feels a little bit more achievable than a whole month off the sauce. She calls it the ‘One Week Method’.

What Is The One Week Method?

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The One Week Method involves choosing a 7-day period within each month where you abstain from drinking alcohol.

You can choose the week that works the best with your social arrangements (like if you’re going on holiday or have a friend’s birthday party), which means you’re much less likely to be tempted to break your alcohol fast.

The idea is that it’s a more ‘snackable’ goal, a smaller window of time that feels more manageable. Instead of doing a whole month in one go, you can simply break it down and do the fast more regularly.

If you try the One Week Method all year, that equates to a total of three months of not drinking.

Is The One Week Method Good For You?

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While Australians are recommended to drink no more than 10 standard drinks a week, a few celebrations can easily tip you over the edge.

The One Week Method can help reduce overall intake across the month. The creator of the program also said that after a week of not drinking, you tend to make more sensible choices during the other weeks because you remember how good it feels to wake up feeling fresh.

Plus, you’ll end up with an accumulative three months of not drinking across the year, which is a much better figure than one month off followed by 11 months of drinking to your heart’s content.

Is this something you’d try?

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