The Non-Alcohol Drinks That Make The Case For An Extended Dry January

Even G&T lovers can have their fun

It’s the same old story. We have one glass too many which quickly devolves into five, six or seven before you know it. And as we slowly recover from week-long hangovers, many of us take the noble pledge to abstain from alcohol in Dry January, Dry July or indefinitely. Luckily for us, the market has caught onto the trend too, with some of the best non-alcoholic drinks developed over the past few years.

Whether it’s to detox your system after a boozy holiday or simply to develop some healthier habits, it’s as good a time as any to hop on the sober-curious bandwagon.

Here are the non-alcoholic drinks that prove there’s no need to be sombre when you’re sober.


Famed for its chic-packaged presence, NON drinks are an awesome alternative for natural wine lovers.

Coming in a heap of delectable flavour varieties, they also make a great picnic accompaniment.

NON wine is a great no-alcohol alternative
NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile, $29.99;

Elevated Kombucha

While Kombucha has been around for a while, brands like Monceau are giving this gut-friendly beverage a modern twist. Check out their range of pét nat-inspired formulations that include flavours like blood orange and pear. 

Monceau kombucha is non-alcoholic and gut-friendly
Monceau Blood Orange Pet-Nat Kombucha, $16;

Thompson & Scott Noughty

Thomson & Scott have changed the game with their non-alcoholic take on sparkling wine that comes with all the bubbles and flavour, just sans the killer hangover.

Thomson & Scott Noughty non-alcoholic sparkling wine
Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine, $19.99;

Seedlip Spirits

Attention all G&T lovers! This non-alcoholic spirit ensures you can join in on the fun with your mates, all while getting a fresh start to the morning as they sleep off their headaches.

Simply add some lime or cucumbers and tonic water to a shot or two of Seedlip’s spirits and you’re good to go. Or, if you’re not in the mood to mix yourself, grab one of their pre-mixed options. 

Seedlip non alcoholic gin
Seedlip Grove 42 Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirit;

Booze-Free Beer

If an ice-cold beer after a long, hot day is your usual respite, then fear not. Brands like Heaps Normal are pioneering new and innovative ways to make low-nonalcoholic beer… well, heaps normal.

Heaps Normal beer
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, $18.80 for 4-Pack;

Alternative Aperol Spritz

We wouldn’t blame you for being sceptical of such a concept but there’s actually more than one Aussie brand putting a non-alcoholic twist on spritz.

Lyre’s Italian Spritz is an ingenious (and low calorie) alternative to Aperol, for those who love a good spritz on the weekend.

Just mix it with a dash of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and some soda water and everyone else at the party will be none the wiser.

Lyres non alcoholic aperol sprtiz
Lyre’s Italian Spritz, $44.95;

Then there’s Home Grown, with its Non-Alc Orange & Mandarin Spritz, which also includes verjuice and bitters for a deliciously balanced non-alcoholic drink.

Home Grown Non-Alc Orange & Mandarin Spritz
Home Grown Non-Alc Orange & Mandarin Spritz, $30;

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Not only can the sugar in most cocktails make them pretty deadly (given they go down a little too easy), but the sweetness also contributes to dehydration which makes your hangover worse and can generally be an energy-killer.

Enter: Monday pre-mixed drinks. With a wide range of very chicly-packaged beverages, this Australian company bottle up your favourite cocktails with none of the alcohol or sugar. The result is a pretty tasty treat that your head will thank you for come Sunday morning.

We’re particularly fans of the Dark & Stormy and the Classic Gin & Tonic flavours (duh). 

Monday non-alcoholic drinks
Monday Dark & Stormy, $6.95;

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