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TV Presenter Talitha Cummins Opens Up About Her Alcoholism

On the surface, life was perfect. But she was drinking up to four bottles of wine a night

Talitha Cummins had it all: the striking TV presenter was killing it professionally, with a wildly successful television career and a glaringly bright future. But at home, alone and on the other side of the TV screen, Talitha was drinking up to four bottles of wine every single night.

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Since overcoming her alcohol addiction and going public on Australian Story late last year, Cummins has reclaimed her life: she found the man of her dreams, got married, had a baby and resumed her TV career.

Next week, she will share her story at the Australian and New Zealand National Addiction Conference in Queensland.

“I cover a lot – denial, culture, what happened to friendships when I stopped drinking, as well as being a pretty shy girl in an industry that required you to be otherwise,” Cummins told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

She’s sharing her story to help challenge the stereotypes associated with alcoholism.

“Being professional and educated, I wasn’t what people perceived an alcoholic to be,” she says. “It’s an illness, a disease but people don’t seek help because of the stereotypes. If speaking out helps to minismise the stigma in some small way, I’m happy.”

 If you or someone you know is battling alcohol addiction, find out what you can do at Hello Sunday Morning or Lifeline, 13 11 14. 

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