All The Non-Wine (But Still Alcoholic) Drinks To BYO This Summer

Some new beverages are catching our eye

Though we could never take for granted the wonders of wine, there’s been an influx of alcoholic beverages popping up at our picnics making us wonder if it’s time to expand our liquid horizons. 

Now, we’ll never get sick of wines, but we can’t deny that there’s always something exciting about discovering a new favourite. Not to mention when we’re in the park, at the beach, or just hanging with friends, walking around with a full bottle isn’t always the most convenient. 

But if you’re not big on beers and you’ve had your fair share of wine (and then some) during lockdown, then look to any of these beverage varieties as your new summer drink of choice. 

‘Hard’ Seltzer


‘Seltzer’ may be a very U.S. way of referring to sparkling water, but we can’t deny that it gives the drink a certain flair. And if you’ve glimpsed the world of social media for only a mere moment, you will no doubt have spied many a wine glass replaced by these curious-looking cans. 

But why is everyone suddenly on the seltzer bandwagon? Well, just like many other trends, the drink has been huge in the U.S. for a while now, and for good reason. Not only is it vegan and low in sugar, but there’s generally around 83 calories in a 330mL can—half the amount in beer and other drinks so it’s a healthier option than most. 

Fellr Brewed Alcoholic Seltzer in Lime & Soda, $23.99/pack of 4;

Alcoholic Kombucha

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cafe or grocer that doesn’t stock kombucha these days. But though there a host of probiotic benefits to the drink, we only really started to lean in when alcohol got involved. 

By its nature, kombucha naturally contains trace amounts of alcohol but thanks to brands like K.Booch you can get your gut health fix and a little buzz. 

But if you’re not keen to get too rowdy, there are brands like Monceau that keep it to 1% while packing plenty of flavour and fizz in. 

Monceau Kombucha
Monceau Pét Nat Blood Orange Kombucha, $36;

Elevated Cider

If it’s been a while since you’ve reached for a chilled cider then you may have missed out on all the cool ciders that have been hitting the shelves of our favourite drinks stockists. 

With plenty of local and cult-status international brands getting their day in the sun again, ciders may just be the sweet solution to your summer drinking dilemma. 

Julient Fremont Silex Cider
Julien Frémont Cidre Silex 2018, $41;

Cocktails In A Bottle

We love a good cocktail on a night out. Not only are you bound to get some interesting, complex flavours but they’re definitely more savoured then a vodka, lime and soda. 

But without all the ingredients (that can rack up a hefty bill) and equipment, they’re often only an option when the timing is right. Well, not anymore. Bottl(ed) and Story Cocktails are just some of the brands that are answering our prayers, bottling up delicious drinks without any effort on our part.

Story Cocktails
Story Cocktails Negroni, $17;

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